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Stonewall Cable, Inc.

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Stonewall Cable, Inc.

The company sells cables to various industries, as well as the U.S. government and military. We’ve been providing Stonewall’s On Hold Marketing since 1997.

Caller Experience Marketing Goals

Stonewall Cable’s Caller Experience Marketing goals include:

  • Conveying trust, ability and quality, while educating callers on the advantages of using Stonewall as their cable supplier.
  • Reinforcing the level of professionalism that callers can expect at every point of contact with Stonewall Cable, from initial contact and the quote and ordering processes to order fulfillment, shipping and receiving.
  • Making callers aware of upcoming improvements and advances, and keeping them posted on news and important information.
  • Answering common caller questions about our products, certifications and licenses.
On Hold Marketing
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“For years, we’ve put our full trust in BusinessVoice to provide exceptional On Hold Marketing for our business and they’ve never let us down.”
Jeff Emery / Director of Business Development / Stonewall Cable

“It’s a true pleasure dealing with BusinessVoice. They fully understand our goals and business model, which makes the process painless. The voices are easy on the ears and very professional. We couldn’t be happier with the results, time and time again.”
Anthony LaMonica / Marketing / Stonewall Cable