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February 13, 2023

If the fingerprint reader on your smartphone is a bit finicky, try this tip to improve performance. Most phones allow you to register more than one finger and you can use that to scan the same finger more than once. Having multiple scans of the same fingerprint can improve the performance of the sensor. Source Link

How can something that goes into the recycling bin help you save money on your water bill? If your home has older-style toilets with a full flush rather than low-flow, fill an empty gallon-sized milk jug with water and place it in the toilet tank. This will reduce the amount of water needed for each flush and cut your utility costs. Source Link

It’s one step that could save you from skin cancer. A full-body exam to look at all of your bumps, moles and birthmarks is the best way to find out which are benign and which might put you at-risk for skin cancer. But this isn’t a DIY job, so make an appointment with a dermatologist for the exam. Source Link

February 10, 2023

Here’s how to create the only password you’ll ever need to remember. Write down four words – a color, a name but not yours, a place and a day of the week. Add some capital letters and one number and a special character. Practice remembering it once a day and make this your master password for a manager app that creates unique passwords for every account. Source Link

Finding the right financial planner starts with determining what help you need. Is it specific to one area, like taxes, investments or retirement planning, or every aspect of your finances? Then interview them to ask about their typical client, their approach to helping clients, what technology they use, and how they earn money from the services they provide. Source Link

Cleaning up after your dog does their business can be easier with these tips. Save those fast food cardboard French fry boxes because they make great disposable poop scoopers when you walk the dog. Or spread non-toxic squirrel repellent on the parts of your yard that you don’t want your dog to use as a bathroom. Source Link 

February 9, 2023

Who says the tools to improve your health have to carry a price tag? Meditating to reduce stress and improve sleep doesn’t cost anything, and you’ll find plenty of free workout videos on YouTube. You can improve your mental health with a pen and paper by journaling and drinking free tap water instead of soda is more healthy and will save you money. Source Link 

Living like it’s the old days before we had cell phones might be a good way to deal with today’s distractions. Smartphones can interrupt you with constant notifications, so turn those off whenever possible. While you’re at it, put away that phone for occasional breaks throughout the day because just the sight of it can raise anxiety and prompt you to pick it up. Source Link

To sleep or not to sleep – that’s the question on an airline flight. An overnight red-eye is a good time to sleep and watching a movie or listening to music can sometimes help you doze off. If you can sleep when you arrive, bring some work on the flight to occupy your brain. Either way, pack some good earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to reduce distractions. Source Link

February 8, 2023

Here’s how to be a power shopper at the thrift store. Check both the men’s and women’s sections because items can be placed incorrectly and pay attention to tags, dates and colors to find special sale prices. And give everything a second look in your cart on the way to the checkout to be sure you didn’t miss any damage. Source Link

Daydreamers rejoice – that so-called bad habit might just be good for you. Giving your brain an occasional break has been shown to aid in problem-solving, boost creativity, improve learning, increase productivity and inspire you to be kinder to others. Just 2 to 5 minutes of daydreaming a day can help you recharge. Source Link

This trick will help you cut clutter by managing the in’s and out’s of things in your home. With each new thing that comes to stay, you’ll get rid of one other thing. Having a designated “outbox” for the items you’ll donate or give away helps you keep the habit. Source Link

February 7, 2023

You can ease travel anxiety by putting your hands to work. Channel nervous energy by knitting, coloring, doing needlepoint, writing letters or postcards, or journaling. You’ll use the time you’re spending in transit in a creative and fulfilling way that can make it feel less stressful. Source Link

You might find your purpose in life with help from an Japanese practice. Ikigai focuses on four things – what you have a passion for, what you’re good at, what you do that the world needs, and what you can be paid for. The intersection of these four elements can reveal a path to more happiness for you and more service to others. Source Link

Here’s a way to get to sleep faster — make tomorrow’s to-do list tonight before you head off to bed. Testing showed that people who wrote a to-do list for the next day before bedtime were able to fall asleep more quickly. But researchers say the findings may not apply to those who suffer from true insomnia. Source Link

February 6, 2023

Here’s a one-two tip for better car maintenance and you don’t have to pop the hood to do it. First, be sure you read the owner’s manual to know the maintenance needs of your make and model. And while you have that manual open, learn the meaning of all those dashboard warning lights because some require immediate attention. Source Link 

How can you undo the damage when clothing is shrunk in the wash? Soak it for up to 30 minutes in a sink or tub with lukewarm water and a cupful of baby shampoo to loosen fibers. Gently squeeze the water from the clothing and lay it on a flat towel and roll it up and squeeze more. Place it on another dry towel and gently stretch back to preshrunk size and allow the item to air dry. Source Link

It can be a challenge to save enough for a down payment on a home, so help yourself with a few well-placed pats on the back. Break up the total into smaller goals and reward yourself when you reach each one. If you need to save $30,000 total, consider treating yourself to a nice meal with every $5,000 saved. Source Link