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February 21, 2023

You want a snack but don’t want all those calories? You can stay under 100 calories with a salty treat like two tablespoons of guacamole and five tortilla chips, or get some crunch with three cups of air-popped popcorn. Satisfy a sweet tooth with two tablespoons of frozen yogurt sandwiched between two graham crackers or get tart with six ounces of no-fat lemon yogurt. Source Link

Your dishwasher needs some help getting things clean and the solution may be in the soft drink aisle at the grocery store. A monthly acid bath using unsweetened powdered lemon Kool-Aid can help remove lime scale, soap scum and other stains. Put one package in each detergent cup and run the empty dishwasher for a complete cycle. Source Link 

It’s time to thin out the massive Camera Roll on your phone, but where do you start? Begin by ditching all of the multiples or mistake shots. Now review the rest and give each a quick “Yes” or “No” and send the losers to the trash bin. And don’t forget about pictures from previous phones that may be hanging around in your cloud storage account. Source Link

February 20, 2023

If it seems like you’re always hungry before bed, take a look back at what you ate earlier in the day. Skipping any meal may have your body coming up short by bedtime and meals without a mix of carbs, protein and fat won’t fuel you enough. If it’s just a craving, you can indulge yourself as long as you don’t eat too much and if it’s more than an hour before bedtime. Source Link 

Your garbage disposal isn’t made for all kinds of food scraps. Egg shells, onion skins, coffee grounds, potato peels, nuts and corn husks are some of the things that can make it past those blades and block a drain pipe. And run cold water while you grind because hot water can melt foods that might harden into a clog while in the disposal. Source Link

Some small steps can stop the build-up of big clutter in your home. Wash dishes as soon as you use them . Sort mail as soon as you receive it and stand over the trash can to throw away the junk. Clean off countertops every night and pick one day a week when you’ll declutter a single drawer, kitchen cabinet, or closet shelf. Source Link

February 17, 2023

You’re buying home security cameras, but where should they go? Install cameras at your ground-level doors inside and out, high in the corner of a room and high up outdoors for the best look at any intruders. And don’t worry about hiding them because seeing a security camera could be a great deterrent for a thief. Source Link 

There are ways to spot “shrinkflation” when food companies give you a little less but for the same price. Focus on cost per ounce or number of items in a package, like paper towel sheets. Don’t be fooled by labeling like, “new and improved” or “family-size” and be willing to shop for sales at other stores or switch to store brands to get the most from your grocery dollar. Source Link

If you’re a night owl, you may be prone to what researchers are calling “midnight mind.” The wee hours are when the brain is tuned for sleep and that makes it more difficult to manage behavioral problems like unhealthy eating, overthinking and obsession, risk-taking and even substance abuse that can happen when we’re up late. Source Link

February 16, 2023

Here’s what you shouldn’t be doing when you create a password. Skip the pet’s names, sports teams, places you’ve lived and birth dates and don’t bother adding a “1” or an exclamation point to the end because those are easy for hackers to beat. A strong and long password would use the first letter of each word in a sentence and vary them between lower case and upper case. Source Link

Resistance training can be an important part of any weight loss plan. It lowers the percentage of body fat in healthy adults and builds muscle that burns more than twice as many calories as fat does. Weightlifting also speeds up metabolism, improves testosterone levels for men and boosts bone density in women. Source Link

More screen time for kids at age 2 can mean more problems with communication and daily living skills by age 4. That’s from researchers who say the wild card is more outdoor play time. Youngsters who spent more time playing outdoors improved their daily living skills but it didn’t alter the negative effects of screen time on communication skills. Source Link

February 15, 2023

Household dangers for pets go beyond that leftover chocolate bar and some kinds of flowers. Experts say a tiny Lego piece can also look like a treat to your dog but will be big trouble if he eats it. And be sure you don’t have any twist ties, rubber bands, cotton swabs or dental floss laying on the floor. Source Link

Is it a bad habit or a secret to better comprehension? Doodling can keep your mind active when you’re listening to something that’s boring. In a study, people who doodled while hearing a boring phone message remembered 29 percent more than those who sat still and listened. Source Link

You can cut clutter by identifying things you don’t use and there’s an easy way to do that with a roll of masking tape. Put a piece of tape on each item and take it off the next time you use it. After six months, anything that still has tape on it probably can be sold, donated or recycled. Source Link

February 14, 2023

There are ways to stay safe when you’re exercising outdoors in winter. Let temperature and road conditions set your pace and try running at mid-day when it’s warmest. Use a heart rate monitor to watch for any cardiac stress and warm-up indoors before going out for a run. Source Link 

Giving a child an allowance can be the foundation for a lifetime of smart money management. Having their own money forces kids to think about how to spend it and learn the difference between needs and wants. And using an allowance for savings, donations and spending can teach self-reliance in kids. Source Link

You should think twice before scanning a QR code with your phone. Scammers are using fake QR codes for rip-offs that range from bogus parking meter payments to fake online portals for bill payments and even romance scams. Always confirm that a QR code is legitimate before scanning it and avoid any that come in an email you weren’t expecting. Source Link