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December 7, 2023

You can boost cell phone reception with some simple steps. Move away from metal objects or concrete walls and get near a window or go outside and remove a phone case that may be blocking the built-in antenna. And turn Airplane Mode on and then off to force your phone to find the best signal in the area. Source Link

When fashion dictates your footwear you may pay the price with blisters, hammertoes and bunions. Choose shoes with a toe box that’s wide and deep for free movement. And find your foot’s arch by placing it on flat ground and taking a photo to know what type of shoe is best for you. Source Link

Recycling can be more than plastic, paper and glass. There are national programs to recycle things like used crayons, wine corks and old eyeglasses. And contrary to popular belief, milk cartons, juice cartons and juice boxes can be recycled and are accepted by many community programs. Source Link

December 6, 2023

All carbs in vegetables are not created equal. Peas, corn, squash, turnips and potatoes are examples of low-quality carbs that can fuel weight gain. But eating high-quality carbs found in broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms and spinach along with more fiber can slow down the rising numbers on that bathroom scale. Source Link

It’s a simple step that might save your child’s life. Millions of car seats are recalled every year for safety issues, so you should mail in the warranty card or register online to be notified if there’s a problem with the car seat you use. You can also see a listing of car seat recalls for the past 10 years at Source Link 

These wardrobe swaps can help you avoid turning up the thermostat and those energy bills. Microscopic air pockets in fleece, wool and flannel make them better at insulating your body and wear warm slippers that cover the entire foot. And a hooded sweatshirt or sleeved or hooded blanket can cut down on heat loss from your head and make your whole body feel warmer. Source Link

December 5, 2023

One simple hack can help Tai Chi protect your brain from cognitive decline. Testing showed that adding extra mental challenges like repeating an instructor’s cues or spelling words while doing the slow, rhythmic exercises helped seniors improve their ability to do two tasks at once, like walking and focusing on a thought, and that could help reduce the risk of a fall. Source Link

The smart thrift store shopper isn’t just searching price tags to find a bargain. Look for name brands and avoid store labels or fast fashion items in the clothing aisle. Those aren’t made to last and you might even find a new one on sale, but top-quality items that are second hand could give you years of use and save more in the long run. Source Link

Can you pack part of the holiday feast on your flight home? TSA officials say you can bring things like a pie or a side dish in a carry-on bag but portions will be small because it needs to be in a clear, three-ounce bag. You can pack food in checked luggage along with adult beverages as long as they’re less than 24 percent alcohol. Source Link

December 4, 2023

More exposure plus more fun equals kids eating more vegetables. Researchers found that offering toddlers a bigger variety of vegetables more often meant they ate more kinds of them. And following up with a fun non-food reward when they tried something new could encourage kids to eat an even bigger variety of veggies. Source Link

Not all debt is created equal. A mortgage lets you build wealth through rising home values and a student loan for an education to get a good job will pay off with much more in lifetime earnings. But debt from credit card balances you can’t pay off every month or an auto loan or lease every few years will have you spending more instead of living within your means. Source Link 

There’s more to the cost of buying a car than the sticker price. Paying it off in the shortest term you can afford will save on interest charges and don’t forget sales tax if you have it in your state. Consider insurance premiums for the make and model of car and get several estimates and look at gas mileage for the most economical driving for years to come. Source Link

December 1, 2023

As the days get shorter, it can trigger “Seasonal Affective Disorder,” but how do you know the winter blues you’re feeling really is SAD? A diagnosis of seasonal depression can only be made after two consecutive years with depression that begins and ends at the same time each year and with no symptoms during other times of the year. Source Link

You can prepare your car for winter driving with these simple steps. Make sure tires are properly inflated, clean and check your battery and check coolant levels. And you can prevent an icy lockout by lubricating window tracks with spray silicone or dry Teflon spray. You should also lubricate door locks and latches, including the one that opens your car’s hood. Source Link

There are some telltale signs that you may be the target of a scam artist. If someone claiming to be a retailer calls to question about a large order you didn’t make, or says they can connect you directly with your bank, or wants to stay on the line while you go to the bank, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. They may also ask you to buy gift cards to send to them or pretend they are police investigators. Source Link

November 30, 2023

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but what about seasonal chores you do before winter? Getting those windows clean will help you make the most of the heating power of sunlight and a good vacuuming of rugs will remove any fall allergens. And be ready for holiday cooking by going through your pantry to toss out expired items like spices, canned goods or boxed food. Source Link

How you wear your glasses could be a real pain. Glasses that sit too tight on your temples can cause headaches and those worn further down your nose can make the eyes work harder to focus and cause strain. And full-size reading glasses may be easier on your eyes than biofocals that have you looking down to see close-up. Source Link

Taking the scenic route might make for a better day on the job. Researchers found that people whose commutes took them through wooded areas, parks and other natural settings were more likely to demonstrate stronger mental health. It doesn’t have to be the wide open spaces because any view with green or blue can improve your mood. Source Link