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December 15, 2023

Here’s how to dry your laundry faster by putting in more than clothes just out of the washer. Adding a clean, dry towel to a load for about 15 minutes will absorb moisture from wet clothes. You can do the same by adding a few white tennis balls, and remember to wring out any dripping wet clothes before they go into the dryer. Source Link 

A home warranty can save money on unexpected repairs but be sure to read the fine print. Some warranty companies charge a service call fee each time you file a claim and other plans may only offer a basic replacement or a refurbished model. And getting that installed may take significantly longer than if you paid for it yourself. Source Link

You don’t want to depend on the hotel house cleaning staff when it comes to these items in a room. Coffee makers often just get a quick external wipe down and that ice bucket is used for many things and might not be sanitized even with a plastic liner. And unless there’s a visible stain, blankets, duvets and bedspreads may only be laundered once a year. Source Link

December 14, 2023

It’s important to know when your personal information is surfacing on the web and a Google feature makes it easier to track. “Results About You” lets you set alerts for when your email, home address or phone number appear on Google. You can also flag any search results that include your social security number or credit card numbers, medical records or login credentials. Source Link

Teaching kids the value of money can be fun. Try filling a two-liter bottle with dimes to show children how small amounts can add up over time. Pay them interest when they save their allowance or have a “no money” day when you enjoy free activities and don’t spend any money. Source Link 

Using that snooze button could be good for you. In a study, about 20 minutes of snoozing appeared to boost the ability to think quickly and clearly upon waking for the day. The benefit was seen the most in those who go to bed later and snoozing did not affect mood or raise levels of the fight-or-flight hormone cortisol. Source Link

December 13, 2023

Frozen pizza can taste like the best takeout with a few simple hacks. Start with a good brand and season the crust with melted butter, garlic powder or parmesan cheese. Add fresh veggies and more cheese for a homemade supreme, and use a pizza stone that you preheat in the oven for crispier crusts and more evenly cooked toppings. Source Link

A special kind of 10-minute break can help you clear your head and work better. People who used a 10-minute meditation recording were able to complete cognitive tasks faster than others who had the same break without meditation. The benefits were seen with everyone who used the recording, including people who had no prior training in meditation. Source Link

You can get a brighter smile with home teeth whitening, but there are some caveats to keep in mind. Teeth that are brown or gray may not respond well to a home whitener and whitening will not work on caps, veneers, crowns, fillings, injured teeth or those changed by medications. Source Link

December 12, 2023

Location is the key to getting the best performance from your home router. A wired connection near your workspace is best, and WiFi works better with fewer walls between you and the router. Move the router out into the open and use the 5 gigahertz channel for faster speeds when you’re closer and 2.4 gigahertz when you’re further away from the router. Source Link

The best perks in a new job go beyond good health insurance and flexibility to work from home. Look for an employer that matches 401-k contributions to earn more from your retirement savings. And the availability of tuition assistance or professional development programs can help you grow and advance in your career. Source Link

You can build more exercise into your workday. Start simple by moving your wastebasket and other essentials away from your desk. Walk over to talk with a colleague instead of emailing or phoning and take the stairs to a restroom on another floor. You can also use resistance bands to do foot curls and arm stretches at your desk. Source Link

December 11, 2023

If your wallet is bursting at the seams from too much stuff, take these things out right now. Spare keys, a social security or Medicare card, birth certificate, passport card, a blank check, old receipts and that password cheat sheet all need to go. And carry one credit card to use and a backup instead of a wallet full of plastic. Source Link

What does it mean to have your home fully insured? Most policies include a dollar amount for repair or replacement costs but there are some big exceptions. You’ll probably need a separate policy for flood insurance and expensive items require an add-on called a rider. This could be jewelry and other pricey collections or all that computer equipment in your home office. Source Link

Parents with adult children still living at home may need to apply a dose of reality to get the kids to move out. One strategy is to charge them rent that’s 40 percent of their take-home pay or to double the rent every three months. And resist the urge to bail them out financially because in the real world adults handle this with an extra job or by cutting back on spending. Source Link

December 8, 2023

To lose water weight, avoid this four-letter word. Salt is a big part of processed foods and makes it more likely that your body will retain water. Natural foods, such as vegetables, seeds and nuts are low in salt and help keep water weight down. And drinking more water aids in kidney function that flushes excess salt and water from the body. Source Link

We’ve all faced a mess in the microwave when food explodes while reheating it, but how do you prevent that? Turn down the power to 60 percent for most foods and 70 percent for denser things like meat. Stop several times and stir foods with lots of liquid and slice thick items into smaller pieces for more even heating. Source Link

A slim piece of string could help connect you to better brain health. People who practiced daily flossing and brushing and got regular dental checkups had MRI’s that showed more healthy brain cells, and that could lead to a lower risk for stroke and dementia in later years. Source Link