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February 13, 2024

Staying light on your feet could help keep your body in shape and your brain sharp as you age. Studies have shown that physical activity like dancing helps people remain independent as they age. Dancing requires balance, strength, endurance, concentration and memory for choreography and all of that can be good for mind and body. Source Link

History can affect your homeowners insurance costs in several ways. The age of your home makes a difference, especially if you have things like original wiring or an older roof. A history of previous insurance claims could increase the premium. Your credit history may also be a factor, because those with a lower credit rating could be paying more for home insurance. Source Link

There are lots of approaches to starting a conversation the right way. Begin with a simple icebreaker about the place or event you’re attending, or mention the weather. You can also ask a question to give the other person an opportunity to be helpful. Avoid any topic that’s offensive, controversial or uncomfortable and truly listen and express interest in what the other person is saying. Source Link

February 12, 2024

You’re buying home security cameras, but where should they go? Install cameras at your ground-level doors inside and out, high in the corner of a room and high up outdoors for the best look at any intruders. And don’t worry about hiding them because seeing a security camera could be a great deterrent for a thief. Source Link

There are ways to spot “shrinkflation” when food companies give you a little less but for the same price. Focus on cost per ounce or number of items in a package, like paper towel sheets. Don’t be fooled by labeling like, “new and improved” or “family-size” and be willing to shop for sales at other stores or switch to store brands to get the most from your grocery dollar. Source Link

If you’re a night owl, you may be prone to what researchers are calling “midnight mind.” The wee hours are when the brain is tuned for sleep and that makes it more difficult to manage behavioral problems like unhealthy eating, overthinking and obsession, risk-taking and even substance abuse that can happen when we’re up late. Source Link 

February 9, 2024

You’ve decided to spend less time online and here’s how to begin the log off. Treat your internet use like intermittent fasting by going online only during set hours and not every day. If you’re doom scrolling, ask yourself if it makes you feel good or more angry or anxious. And use a free service like Pocket to save articles for later reading to free you up from having to see it right now. Source Link

There’s a lot you hear that’s not true, so let’s debunk some common myths about organ donation. You will not pay a fee to donate an organ and a doctor won’t fail to resuscitate a donor just to have an organ to harvest. And your lifespan won’t automatically be shorter because you’ve donated a kidney or part of your liver. Source Link

A simple shift in the way you look at your money might help you stop living from paycheck to paycheck. Make a savings account the first thing you fund instead of the last after all your bills are paid. Any use zero-based budgeting that allocates every dollar to savings, paying bills or for spending money. Source Link 

February 8, 2024

Making fitness a habit takes some lifestyle changes. Decide what you’ll cut back on, like TV watching or scrolling online, to make the time to exercise. If you go to a gym or workout at home look at what time of day fits best for you. And find ways to add exercise to everyday life, such as walking with the whole family. Source Link

The old adage, “ask and you shall receive” can work when you want to lower some of your bills. In a study, three out of four credit card holders who requested a lower annual percentage rate got a reduction that averaged more than six percent. Phone plans, cable and internet costs and even medical charges are worth some haggling to get a discount on that bill. Source Link

Here are a few simple hacks to get the most cleaning power from your dishwasher. Keep large pans and dishes away from the door because these can block detergent from dispensing. Spatulas and serving spoons go in the top rack where they’re less likely to fall down and block a spraying arm. And before starting a cycle, check the floor of the dishwasher for any fallen utensils or leftover food that might gum up the works. Source Link

February 7, 2024

Here’s a pop quiz – what’s the value of everything in your home? It’s a good idea to document your belongings room-by-room and your smartphone can make the job easier. Take a video of each room so you can see everything when making a list. It’s also good to have individual photos of big-ticket items like electronics. Source Link 

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on fiber-rich foods and cut back on processed items that can drive you to overeat. Plan smaller dinners to make it easier for your body to process food before bedtime, and eat bread last because starting with proteins and fiber-rich vegetables slows down the digestion process to help you feel full for longer. Source Link

You can protect your child from an online invasion of privacy by scrubbing their photos from social media accounts. Start with your own and contact other people or groups who may have posted photos of them and ask that they delete the pictures. Do a Google search of their name to see what’s there and ask Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to remove any photos of children under age 13. Source Link

February 6, 2024

If you wait and wait to warm up your car before driving in cold weather, you’re wasting time and could be harming your vehicle. Pausing just 30 seconds before driving is all that today’s cars need. Idling longer wastes gas and puts extra fuel into the combustion chamber, which can get into your cylinder walls. Source Link

It’s like acupuncture but employs your fingers instead of needles to help with emotional issues. Emotional Freedom Technique is a mind-body program that uses your fingertips to tap on key acupressure points to relieve anxiety or depression. To get started, look for a therapist that specializes in E.F.T. Source Link

Training that helps you advance in the work world doesn’t have to be learning for a new job. Upskilling aims to expand and develop your current skills, and it’s important for many employers who see a skills gap in their workforce. Best of all, you can often get your employer to pay for upskilling classes. Source Link