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November 29, 2023

In just a few minutes you can get exercise that might cut your risk of heart attack or stroke. Aim for short bouts of moderate or vigorous activity for one to three minutes. This can be a simple thing like walking the dog, gardening or vacuuming, but you need to step up the pace just a bit to get full benefits. Source Link

Drivers of cars from the early aughts should check to see if there’s a recall that might force you to park those wheels until it’s fixed. Thousands of vehicles have “Do Not Drive” warnings because of dangers like exploding air bags or severe fire hazards. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has an easy-to-use database you can check at Source Link

What can you do when you’ve forgotten your phone charger on vacation? Turn on the TV. The USB port on many hotel room TVs can serve as a charging station, but it will be slower. The better solution is to buy a separate charger that always stays in your suitcase so you never forget to pack one. Source Link

November 28, 2023

One in ten seniors is injured in a fall each year and you can take steps in the home to prevent this. Remove throw rugs and floor clutter that can trip someone up, keep extension cords out of walking paths and try to make everything accessible at eye level so there’s no need to climb to get something. And trade those flip-flops and slippers for indoor shoes with traction. Source Link

You’re not the only one having trouble understanding what’s being said in TV shows because of a noisy sound mix. Solutions include turning off any “dynamic range” setting on the TV or simply lowering the bass and increasing the treble in the audio. Some sound bars include special settings to enhance dialogue. Source Link

Downsizing your home is a go-to move for many empty nesters nearing retirement but it’s not as simple as it once was. Buying a smaller home means paying today’s higher prices and interest rates to get less space. On the other hand, a new construction home can mean fewer maintenance concerns that are often an issue for older adults. Source Link

November 27, 2023

When planning your holiday menu you can make healthy choices without spoiling the season. Skinless white meat turkey is high in protein and low in fat. Skip the gravy and serve homemade cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes minus the sugar, butter and marshmallows. A baked apple with cinnamon and nuts is a sweet way to top off your holiday meal. Source Link

How can you shop for the holidays without a store? Experts suggest an “experience gift” that can help create a memorable moment. This could be tickets to a concert or play, an introductory flight lesson or a cooking class. And the best gifts are experiences that can be shared with someone else. Source Link 

An old school scam is hitting a new generation of victims when people are promised big bucks or lots of free merchandise for being a secret shopper. That’s a real job but one warning sign of a scam is an offer that sends you a big check to buy a few things and return the change. The check bounces after you deposit it and you’re on the hook for all of the money. Source Link

November 24, 2023

It’s happened to all of us – you settle in to watch that movie on TV and before you know it you’ve dozed off. To prevent this, don’t drink alcohol during your movie night and eat a lighter meal beforehand or when snacking during the show. Don’t get too cozy on that plush couch and never do your movie viewing in bed, because your mind knows that’s the place for sleep. Source Link

Letting your kids help with cooking is a fun way to connect. Involve them in meal preparation, like adding veggies to a tossed salad or mixing ingredients. Younger children can play with food and kitchen-themed toys while you’re at the stove, and empty pasta or cereal boxes or oatmeal and spice containers make great homemade toys. Source Link

When an emergency calls for you to do CPR, remember these “don’ts.” You don’t need certification, don’t waste time checking for a pulse, don’t be squeamish about loosening clothing near the chest, don’t do mouth-to-mouth if it worries you, and don’t be afraid of hurting them. Most of all, don’t wait – start CPR immediately after calling 9-1-1. Source Link

November 22, 2023

Stamp prices just keep going up, but shopping on social media to find a discount might have your letters being “returned to sender.” The US Postal Service says scam artists are using Facebook and other social media to sell counterfeit stamps at up to half-off claiming they are closeouts. But it’s likely that the stamps won’t make it through letter-sorting equipment that checks for fakes. Source Link

Is your daily dental hygiene routine being done in the wrong order? You should start with a rinse to kill bacteria that multiply in your mouth overnight and then clean between your teeth with dental floss. The final step is two minutes of brushing but don’t cap it off by rinsing again with water because this will wash away the active ingredients in toothpaste that stay on your teeth. Source Link

The biggest burn hazards for kids aren’t found in the kitchen. Curling irons and hot combs cause thousands of burn injuries each year when children touch a hair styling tool that can reach temperatures up to 450 degrees. Educate kids about the hazards of these appliances and be sure there’s adult supervision if a younger child is using it. Source Link

November 21, 2023

If you avoid candy because it’s not good for your teeth you’ll want to skip these foods that are bad for your smile. Dried fruit has the one-two punch of sugar and stickiness and the flavoring on those potato chips might be like sandpaper to your teeth. And bottled water that isn’t distilled can be higher in acids that are tough on tooth enamel. Source Link 

Home values take a hit when you make these mistakes. Don’t neglect necessary maintenance or repairs, and don’t try to DIY a solution unless you’re sure of your abilities. Over-personalizing your home makes it hard for buyers to see themselves living there, and skipping energy upgrades with windows, insulation and HVAC systems can hurt a selling price. Source Link

Scams and fraud come in many forms but it’s easy to report a problem with an all-in-one online tool. The government website has a feature that lets you report scams and fraud in just a few mouse clicks. You’ll get links and phone numbers to the right government agency that can help you. Source Link