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Your Staff Should Read Your On Hold Marketing Copy

By Scott Greggory

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Here’s a tip to help you get even more value from your On Hold Marketing (OHM): send the final version of the script to your entire staff so they know what your callers on hold are hearing.

And everyone on your team who works with inbound callers should keep a copy of your current OHM script within easy reach.


If callers ask questions related to your On Hold Marketing, your phone staff:

1) Can provide answers quickly.
2) Won’t seem surprised by the questions.
3) Will be prepared to transfer callers to the appropriate department for more information.

They’ll also be able to respond correctly to questions about on hold coupons or other OHM-specific offers.

And, believe it or not, if you use our Humor On Hold™, your callers may occasionally ask to be put back on hold so they can hear all of your content. Check out these client comments.

“You know, we get people who ask us to put them back on hold.” – Eric Smith / Binkelman Corporation 

“We have people call who WANT to be put on hold!” – Chris Hamann / Lakeland Auto and Marine 

“We have actually had a few callers ask to be placed back on hold just to hear the entire production.”  Jake Skeens / Suncoast Communications

If your staff knows that’s a possibility, they can happily oblige your callers without asking “why?”

Finally, your On Hold Marketing content is likely making promises to your callers, whether they’re about specific products or a certain level of service that customers can expect. Be sure your staff is aware of those promises and prepared to deliver on them with every call. Sharing the On Hold Marketing script with your team and encouraging them to use it actively is one way to get that done.