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Using On Hold Marketing to Improve the Caller Experience

By Scott Greggory

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How would you define a great caller experience?

A company called Clutch wanted answers to that question, so they conducted a survey of 501 people who had called a single business more than three times within the previous six months.

Their findings:

• 80% of those surveyed believe the key to a positive telephone interaction with a company is an “efficient resolution to their issue.”
• 75% primarily want to speak with knowledgeable employees.
• 65% rank clear communication as their top priority.

The survey also revealed that people have an expectation of quicker service when calling than when using other communication channels. For instance, 42% expect a response within one hour after reaching out to a company through social media. But, on the phone, the average person will wait just two minutes for a response before hanging up.

So, how can you use On Hold Marketing to improve the caller experience?

Provide Answers – Since delivering quick solutions is important to 8 out of 10 callers, we can use your On Hold Marketing content to answer the questions your callers ask often. Do most of your inbound callers request the service department? If so, what types of problems are they talking about with your service staff? Showing callers that you care about their specific concerns will likely encourage them to wait on the line longer.

Prove Your Knowledge – Reinforce for callers that your team members know their stuff. Mention your certifications, industry honors, prestigious clients and other indicators of your expert status. Use their time on hold to build their confidence in your organization.

Say It Simply – The clear communication that’s so important to callers begins with plain talk. Short sentences. Streamlined ideas. Most On Hold Marketing messages we write consist of one idea expressed in 45 words or less. (Details here.) That approach makes the content easier to hear and retain.

There’s even more to a great caller experience, including concise, thoughtful call center announcements, and friendly, efficient customer service representatives. We can help in those areas, too. Give us a call.