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Use Humor to Create an Unexpected Caller Experience

By Scott Greggory

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We’ve been writing and recording Humor On Hold™ since the early 1990s. Yet, people are still so often surprised by it. “You can do that?” is a common response when we tell them about it.

After hearing our work played at marketing and advertising award shows, a few emcees over the years have said to the crowd that they’d never heard humor applied to that “on hold stuff” before.

Even some of our newer clients have told us that it was hard to find a company like ours – with a creative team that specializes in effective Humor on Hold™. Most other providers don’t or, frankly, can’t do it.

For most people, being put on hold is immediately negative. If your company places a high percentage of callers on hold – especially for longer periods of time – you can easily earn a reputation for not caring about your valuable customers. And that can affect the bottom line.

But providing an unexpectedly positive caller experience – whether it includes humor or any other creative or thoughtful approach – can instantly endear you and your brand to callers. It lets them know that, no matter how brief their time on hold may be, you care enough to make it more enjoyable, unique and even memorable. That translates into good feelings about your company.

Embracing humor as a brand element can also make you more likable to customers. It shows you don’t take yourself too seriously; that you can have fun with your image. Your humor may even help customers relax and de-stress a little bit.

The video below is just one example of our work. You’ll find many quick samples on our dedicated Humor On Hold™ page, plus several full-length productions hereherehere, and here.

Ready to embrace the unexpected?