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This IS Your Grandfather’s CSR Training

By Scott Greggory

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The other day I stumbled onto an old-school instructional film about CSR training and etiquette in the workplace. (Watch it here.)

While telephone technology has changed quite a bit since the piece was produced in the 1940s or ’50s, the important lessons in the film are just as relevant today.

In fact, I was surprised to see that so many of those lessons are also highlighted in the TelArt program, our 35-minute CD about CSR training and etiquette. (Listen to a sample here.)  But the film also offers many unique points, including these:

1) Communicating via the telephone is just as important as meeting with your customers face-to-face, so it’s important to do it well.

2) To a caller, being greeted by an interested voice is like receiving a warm handshake through the phone.

3) When you and your staff provide friendly, polite service on the phone, you make your callers feel welcome and valued.

4) When you talk with customers by telephone, they form a mental image of you and your company. Make sure it’s a positive image, and that you’re someone they want to conduct business with.

The film’s approach is a little exaggerated and obviously dated, but give it a look. You may recognize some of the same basic problems in your office.

Here’s more information on why CSR training and etiquette are so important to your bottom line.