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Still Not Using On Hold Marketing?

By Scott Greggory

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One of the most overlooked marketing opportunities is the chance to connect with callers on hold.

If yours is a typical company, your staff will place 70% of your callers on hold at some point in their phone conversation.

Think of all the money and effort your company spends encouraging customers and prospects to call. Now, think of the people who finally do call being put on hold for 20 seconds…30 seconds…60 seconds or longer, listening to nothing but the sound of their own breathing.

Sweating yet?

To any busy person, a minute or more of silent, unproductive hold time can feel like an eternity. And while the need to put callers on hold is often unavoidable, wasting your callers’ time is preventable.

On Hold Marketing is an extremely versatile and cost-effective tool that allows you to achieve many marketing goals, from increasing revenue and strengthening your brand image, to improving top-of-mind awareness and customer service.

Do your employees field a lot of the same questions from callers? We can provide the answers in your On Hold Marketing.

Are callers hanging up because of your long hold times? We’ll keep them on the line longer with information they can really use – from tips on how to get the most from your products to the latest industry news.

We can even entertain your customers with Humor On Hold™ and on hold contests, or inform them with daily news updates from the BusinessVoice News Network.

And, of course, On Hold Marketing is a very powerful tool for cross-selling and up-selling your products and services.

The applications for On Hold Marketing are virtually unlimited, and for all that it does for your company 24 hours a day, it’s remarkably inexpensive.

When you invest in a great caller experience, your customers will perceive their hold times to be much shorter, and they’ll willingly hold longer.