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Making Money with Your On Hold Marketing

By Scott Greggory

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Yes, On Hold Marketing helps you sell more products or services and makes it easier to build stronger long-term relationships with customers. But, this blog post is about generating immediate revenue from your On Hold Marketing (OHM) program itself.

One Company’s Approach

Based in Columbia, South Carolina, Merritt Veterinary Supplies has been a BusinessVoice client since 2003. Tara Haltiwanger is the company’s Marketing Manager and in charge of Merritt’s OHM program.

Since she first started using our services, Tara has pursued vendor co-op dollars to cover the cost of Merritt’s On Hold Marketing.

“When I began the marketing department for Merritt Vet, I added co-sponsorship programs to our print publications and On Hold Marketing program,” wrote Tara. “Most companies in our industry expect it now. They either sign up for the year or they don’t. If one of our suppliers doesn’t renew, I open up the OHM space to other vendors. Most stick with the program as a means of low-cost advertising.”

Here’s How it Works

Merritt uses its On Hold Marketing to promote specific veterinary medicines and products. They charge between 8 and 10 participating vendors $450 each annually. That investment entitles every vendor to one message on each of Merritt’s bi-monthly OHM productions. Participants enjoy one full year of exposure to a targeted audience that’s calling Merritt Vet ready to buy.

By the way, the production updates are timed with the release of Merritt’s sales flyers in order to reinforce the printed content.

Ready to Try It Yourself?

We love Tara’s initiative. And we want to encourage you to consider a similar co-op program. In fact, we’ll help you get started.

We can provide digital sell sheets that explain the cost-effective benefits of On Hold Marketing. We’ll even brand them with your company logo and contact information. Then, just send them to your vendors and partners to begin building a co-op program that could easily pay for your On Hold Marketing program. You may even be able to turn your OHM into a profit center!

For more details on other ways we can help, talk with your BusinessVoice Account Manager. If you’re not yet a BusinessVoice client, email Steve Evert or call +1 800.473.9005.