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Is Your Calling Style Costing You?

By Scott Greggory

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I managed to get on a list.

I’ve been receiving a lot of unsolicited phone calls at the office lately from people trying to sell me software and services.

But no matter what the callers are pushing, they all seem to have a rather aggressive or inauthentic approach.

They barely introduce themselves and then launch into their pitch.

No “How are you?” No “Do you have a moment to talk?” No “I’ve been looking at what BusinessVoice does and I think we might have a cool solution for you.”

Their bullish style and obvious lack of interest in my unique needs immediately put me on the defensive, and I very quickly interrupt with a “No, thank you” or by hanging up.

Then there’s this voicemail message I got a few weeks back: “Hi, this is (Name). Something just came across my desk that I thought you’d be interested in. Give me a call back.”

Really? I’ve never met or spoken to you before, yet, somehow, you know what I’d be interested in? Oh, and it just happened to come across your desk? My, what are the odds?

Lying is no way to begin a relationship.

Around our place, we’re all about creating positive inbound caller experiences, whether it’s through On Hold Marketingcontact center solutionstelephone etiquette training or other tools. But making great impressions and genuinely helping people work in the other direction, too.

When your team calls potential customers, make sure they do it thoughtfully, politely, and with the knowledge that a tremendous first impression can mean the difference between a quick disconnect and earning a lifelong customer.