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Do You Think Your Company Doesn’t Put People On Hold?

By Scott Greggory

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You want to believe that your company doesn’t put callers on hold, right? Or that you only keep them on hold for a very short amount of time.

But is that really the case? And, if not, what is that miscalculation costing you?

We spoke with a marketing executive from a national auto parts retailer about her company’s On Hold Marketing needs. “We don’t put people on hold,” she replied.

We hear that a lot, actually, but we had a hunch that it wasn’t an accurate perception, so we conducted an experiment.

We called a dozen of the chain’s locations in different cities and recorded our conversations with the counter people. You can listen to one of those calls in the video on the right.

The total hold time in that call was 3 minutes 51 seconds! Other hold times lasted over three minutes as well, and the average of the 12 calls was about 90 seconds.

The silence is almost hard to take, isn’t it? It’s uncomfortable. And listening in, you don’t know if the caller has been disconnected or not.

That Silence Represents Missed Opportunity

Every day, this company loses countless chances to cross-sell and up-sell to customers, reinforce its unique value to callers, and improve the customer experience. All because they don’t have an accurate perception of their hold times.

Even if your average hold times actually are short, some callers may be forced to stay on hold longer now and then. Our On Hold Marketing makes the most of that time for both your callers and you.

We Can Make a Difference

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