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Caller Experience and Your Brand

By Steve Evert

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“The intangible sum of a product’s attributes.” That’s how David Ogilvy defined brand.

Part of protecting a brand means controlling the experiences that people have with your company, product or service. But the caller experience is sometimes overlooked by marketers.

To assess how well your caller experience marketing truly reflects your brand identity, consider the following.

1) Audio

Do the voice and music in your telephone audio share the same attitude as those in your digital and broadcast channels?

Does your telephone audio and content reinforce what people hear from you in those other channels? If they responded to the audio in your outbound marketing, they’ll appreciate – and be comforted by – hearing the same when they call.

2) Structure

Are any automated greetings you use welcoming, logical, and simple to follow?

Is your call flow designed around the needs of your callers, rather than the self-serving interests of your organization?

3) Experience

What are your competitors’ caller experiences like, and what can you do to set yours apart while remaining true to your brand?

Does your front-line phone staff understand your organization’s brand identity and what’s required of them to perpetuate that identity?

Is the in-queue / On Hold Marketing content you’re utilizing engaging and beneficial to callers?

After addressing those questions, you may decide to develop an audio brand standards guide. It might take the same format as the guide you use to define the visual components of your brand.

People who call your company are already in a frame of mind to engage with you – whether that means buying something or asking questions – and they are essentially a captive audience. Take advantage of that opportunity to create an exceptional experience for them and reinforce your organization’s value to them.