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B2B Podcast Tips

By Scott Greggory

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I read recently that the majority of podcast listening occurs during the mid-day hours, between 10am and 3pm. That suggests that a lot of people are engaged with the content while at work.

If that’s the case, delivering concise value is even more important for growing your B2B podcast audience. Your listeners – especially those on the job – should feel that your content is consistently worth the investment of their time.

So, use your podcast to quickly give listeners information they can apply to get better at their work or make their companies more effective and profitable.

Consider establishing a format with repeatable features. For instance:

  • A 1-minute segment on industry news
  • A 2-minute spotlight on a new product or feature
  • A 2-minute client success story
  • A 5 to 10-minute conversation with a guest who can deliver concise information

That approach can make content creation a little easier for you since you’re “only” filling in the blanks, rather than generating completely new categories of ideas for each episode.

Of course, you also should be willing to introduce new features and cut those that may not be working so well.

After each episode is produced, record an audible “upfront agreement” for the opening segment of the podcast. That’s a quick overview of the specific subjects you’ll be covering.

Then, add a table of contents to the written description of each episode. Include a bulleted list of times at which each feature begins so your busy listeners can jump quickly to those elements.

One of the most thoughtful things you can do for your at-work audience is delivering unique insight and useful takeaways in a manner that respects their time.

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