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May 6, 2024

Posture may be an important factor in how fast that pill you’ve taken begins to work. There’s nothing wrong with taking a pill while standing or sitting up, but testing showed that leaning to your right side could speed absorption by about 13 minutes. On the other hand, leaning to the left could add an hour to the time it takes that pill to dissolve. Source Link

Finding the best lighting angle for that outside photo is as easy as raising your hand. Hold your hand in front of you with your palm pointing out and turn your body in a circle until your hand has no shadows on it. That’s the direction to point your subject or stand yourself to ensure a shadow-free photo. Source Link

Just wearing a step-tracking watch can lead to taking more steps per day, even if you never check your progress. Researchers found that people who wore step trackers took about 300 more steps per day than before testing began. They got the “before” numbers by using a little-known feature in every iPhone that automatically tracks your steps. Source Link

May 3, 2024

You can deal with stress on the job by changing your approach to work. Find things you can control and focus your energy there, like using a lunch break to re-energize. Be intentional with your time and try to plan more of what energizes you, make a manageable to-do list by breaking big tasks into several smaller ones and practice saying “no” to projects that don’t fit for you. Source Link 

Remember these numbers to build a better to-do list – one, three, five. Pick the biggest job of the day and put that number-one on the list. Then choose three smaller, but still important tasks, and complete the list with five small items that you can finish easily. This technique lets you avoid the need to sort your to-do list by time or urgency. Source Link

When you’re wondering if your child has an unhealthy relationship with social media, ask these questions. Do they do anything significant each day besides going to school or spending time on screens, and how many hours a day do they use social media? Also ask yourself, does your child have a very hard time stopping, and does social media interfere with their sleep, homework or general daily functions. Source Link

May 2, 2024

Getting kids to eat their veggies starts long before they’re eating anything. Moms can help develop that taste by eating vegetables during pregnancy. Model good habits for infants and toddlers by eating the same vegetables they do during a meal. And let kindergartners help in the kitchen to see how vegetables can be an important part of a meal. Source Link

Seniors don’t need to be afraid of the weight room because resistance training pays big dividends as we age. Consult with your doctor and a personal trainer and start with free weights that can build muscles and help with balance. Weight training can help the heart learn to pump harder to avoid fatigue. Source Link

A few common household products may be all you need to keep your phone free of dirt and grime. Use a disposable wipe or a solution of 70-percent isopropyl alcohol on a microfiber cloth to clean the screen every day. And a strip of Scotch tape can pull up any lint or sand that’s struck in crevices on your phone. Source Link

May 1, 2024

Many household plastics that go into the trash could have a second life in your home. Gardeners can use yogurt cups to grow seedlings and those clear plastic containers used to package salad mix or berries can store loose items in your fridge. And an old peanut butter jar is perfect for making salad dressing or overnight oats. Source Link

Your water bottle needs to be cleaned every day to keep you safe from germs. Start by choosing a metal or glass bottle with a wide mouth that makes cleaning easier. Bottles with a straw collect less bacteria than those with a slide top. And don’t use a disposable plastic bottle because the ridges in it make cleaning difficult. Source Link

Living a happier life goes hand in hand with good health habits. Start by eating a satisfying breakfast every day with more protein and less sweets and fats. Being physically active will improve your ability to do everyday tasks and building meaningful friendships can fend off loneliness. And cut the critical self-talk by imagining what you’d say to a friend with the same problem. Source Link 

April 30, 2024

Now’s the time to think about preparing your kids to handle allergies during summer camp. Consult with your allergist who can provide a care plan to share with the camp and teach your child to advocate for themselves and watch for food allergens. If your child suffers from asthma or food allergies, consider sending them to a camp that specializes in these conditions. Source Link

Simple tricks can make a big decluttering job easier to handle. Set a timer to work for 15 minutes a day and pick five things each day to donate or discard. Focus on one spot at a time like a drawer or shelf, start with easy things and identify trigger items to skip for now. And create boxes for what you may want to hold onto with a deadline of a few weeks, a few months or a year to keep or say “goodbye.” Source Link

Bedbugs are a travel companion that no one wants, so learn how to spot these pests in a hotel room. First, place your luggage in the bathtub or shower and check the bedding, headboard and any fabric-covered furniture for rusty or reddish specks of blood; tiny, black dots, or whitish, oval eggs the size of apple seeds. If it’s all clear, stow your bags on a luggage rack away from the walls. Source Link

April 29, 2024

There are plenty of reasons why giving kids an allowance is a good thing. It teaches them how money comes with responsibilities to save and be charitable and it helps them distinguish between needs and wants with what they can afford. And successfully managing money from an allowance can build a child’s self-confidence. Source Link 

Unclogging a toilet without a plunger requires two simple tools – dish soap and a big bucket of hot water. Squirt a good amount of dish soap into the hot water and pour that into the toilet at a steady pace. Don’t stir up the water and be patient because the technique may not eliminate the clog instantly. Source Link

What’s the right way to pet a dog you don’t know? Remember that dogs depend on smell so offer your curled hand for a sniff before you touch them to avoid any bitten fingers. If the dog seems comfortable, try a friendly scratch under the chin, but avoid patting his head or touching a strange dog’s belly, even if they roll over. Source Link