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May 2, 2023

You’ve decided to spend less time online and here’s how to begin the log off. Treat your internet use like intermittent fasting by going online only during set hours and not every day. If you’re doomscrolling, ask yourself if it makes you feel good or more angry or anxious. And use a free service like Pocket to save articles for later reading to free you up from having to see it right now. Source Link

Helping your kids be healthy eaters as adults might start in the kitchen when they’re teens. Researchers found that people who learned to cook as a teenager had better nutritional habits in their 30s. They were more likely to prepare meals with vegetables most days, ate less fast food and had more family meals. Source Link

Paying with a credit card is convenient but there are times when you should pass on pulling out the plastic. Don’t use a credit card when purchasing something on a public computer, when making a charity donation on the street or if the card leaves your view to complete the purchase. And don’t use a credit card to buy something you can’t afford. Source Link

May 1, 2023

Who knew we were using antiperspirant and deodorant the wrong way? The ingredient in antiperspirant that keeps you dry by blocking sweat glands takes time to work so apply it in the evening before bed for maximum effectiveness the next day. And deodorant works best when applied to dry skin, so towel off from the shower before you use it. Source Link

If you need another reason to sit less, a study found that it could dampen your mood and mental health. The good news is that it’s easy to find ways to get up and get moving. Walking around your office for five minutes or getting off the couch to move during commercial breaks while watching TV are two simple ways to be less sedentary. Source Link

Protecting against online credit card fraud means taking a hard look at those bargain offers for name-brand goods. Shopping on less familiar, less secure websites may be an invitation to cyber-thieves. Using a virtual card option or an online wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay adds another layer of protection for your credit card number. Source Link

April 28, 2023

There are plenty of reasons why giving kids an allowance is a good thing. It teaches them how money comes with responsibilities to save and be charitable and it helps them distinguish between needs and wants with what they can afford. And successfully managing money from an allowance can build a child’s self-confidence. Source Link

Unclogging a toilet without a plunger requires two simple tools – dish soap and a big bucket of hot water. Squirt a good amount of dish soap into the hot water and pour that into the toilet at a steady pace. Don’t stir up the water and be patient because the technique may not eliminate the clog instantly. Source Link 

What’s the right way to pet a dog you don’t know? Remember that dogs depend on smell so offer your curled hand for a sniff before you touch them to avoid any bitten fingers. If the dog seems comfortable, try a friendly scratch under the chin, but avoid patting his head or touching a strange dog’s belly, even if they roll over. Source Link

April 27, 2023

All food scraps don’t have to go down the garbage disposal or into the trash. Soak orange peels in a jar filled with white vinegar for two weeks to make a citrus cleaning spray. Do the same with cucumber peels soaked in water for five days to make your own cucumber water that’s great for feeding your plants. Source Link

Hearing loss can make it harder to get the job, so try these tips. Reduce room noise by placing a small rug under your chair and ask for a phone with increased volume capability. Consider using noise canceling earbuds and ask for a copy of an agenda before a meeting and get meeting notes afterwards. Source Link

The average American spends five hours a day looking down at their phone and that can cause tight muscles and serious pain known as “tech neck.” The condition may require medication, physical therapy, steroid injections, or even surgery in the worst cases. The solution is to hold your phone at eye level as much as possible. Source Link

April 26, 2023

How you lay when you sleep could have an impact on your health. Side sleeping is considered the best because you’ll reduce the risk of snoring or sleep apnea when sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your left side can help prevent stomach acid from moving up when you lie down, and sleeping on your right side may improve heart function for those with heart disease. Source Link

Many “healthy snacks” don’t live up to their name. Veggie chips can be heavy on starches and calories. Fruit snacks may be less fruit and more corn syrup, sugar and artificial flavors. And read the label on your trail mix to look out for sugary add-ins like candy or chocolate pieces. Source Link 

Many people are hard-wired to avoid idleness, but you can train yourself to do nothing. Start small and sit quietly for five minutes in a peaceful place with a view of something pleasant. Add five minutes to this routine until you can sit quietly for 20 minutes each day. And remember to turn off your phone and tablet or anything else that can send an alert. Source Link

April 25, 2023

Giving your to-do list letter grades might help you complete more assignments. An “A” item is significantly important with serious consequences if it’s not done. “B” is something you should do but has a minor downside. A “C” would be nice to accomplish but not vital. A “D” is something to delegate to others and an “E” task is one you can eliminate. Source Link

You can avoid home WiFi problems starting with your router. Update the firmware, create a strong WiFi password and change the router’s default administrator password. Turn off remote access, create a guest network to keep visitors and smart home devices away from your personal devices, and consider buying a new router if yours is more than three years old. Source Link

Teaching your child healthy eating habits when they’re young can pay lifelong dividends. Help them understand the body’s cues for hunger or fullness and not to eat because you’re bored or doing something else like watching TV. Use child-sized plates to gauge how much food they need for a meal, keep junk food out of the house to avoid temptation, and have them get 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Source Link