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May 5, 2023

Posture may be an important factor in how fast that pill you’ve taken begins to work. There’s nothing wrong with taking a pill while standing or sitting up, but testing showed that leaning to your right side could speed absorption by about 13 minutes. On the other hand, leaning to the left could add an hour to the time it takes that pill to dissolve. Source Link

Finding the best lighting angle for that outside photo is as easy as raising your hand. Hold your hand in front of you with your palm pointing out and turn your body in a circle until your hand has no shadows on it. That’s the direction to point your subject or stand yourself to ensure a shadow-free photo. Source Link

Just wearing a step-tracking watch can lead to taking more steps per day, even if you never check your progress. Researchers found that people who wore step trackers took about 300 more steps per day than before testing began. They got the “before” numbers by using a little-known feature in every iPhone that automatically tracks your steps. Source Link

May 4, 2023

It’s happened to all of us — you wake up from a dream and can’t get back to sleep. The remedy might be recalling some details of the dream and then trying to put yourself in those dream images. Don’t look at the clock or turn on a light because clock-watching will make you more anxious about losing sleep and bright light signals the body that it’s time to wake up. Source Link

Improving your credit score can happen faster if you remember these two tips. Paying your bills on time and keeping total credit card debt under 30 percent of your limit accounts for about two-thirds of your credit score. Doing both of these diligently might help your credit score begin to climb within six months. Source Link

Does it make a difference if your young child is learning to read on a tablet or with a book? A study found that e-books could interfere with a child’s comprehension but a digital book could outperform a paper version if the e-book has special enhancements like interactive features that are responsive to the child. Source Link

May 3, 2023

The financial bad habits that cause Americans the most trouble are a mix of old favorites and new challenges. A survey found that impulse buying is the number-one danger for a household budget and coming in second was paying for subscription services you no longer use. Two out of three people regretted not handling their money better last year. Source Link 

Raising a well-behaved child may have life-long benefits by giving them happier, healthier lives as adults. A long-term study found that kids who were goal-oriented with good self-control had healthier bodies and brains by the time they hit middle age. They also were better prepared with financial and social reserves for old age. Source Link

You probably know about thermostats and lighting but there are lots more smart devices for the home. Try a shower head that connects to your phone to play music, a WiFi aromatherapy diffuser, a smart beauty mirror that can analyze your skin for changes and recommend products, or even a smart diaper that tracks a baby’s sleep patterns. Source Link

May 2, 2023

You’ve decided to spend less time online and here’s how to begin the log off. Treat your internet use like intermittent fasting by going online only during set hours and not every day. If you’re doomscrolling, ask yourself if it makes you feel good or more angry or anxious. And use a free service like Pocket to save articles for later reading to free you up from having to see it right now. Source Link

Helping your kids be healthy eaters as adults might start in the kitchen when they’re teens. Researchers found that people who learned to cook as a teenager had better nutritional habits in their 30s. They were more likely to prepare meals with vegetables most days, ate less fast food and had more family meals. Source Link

Paying with a credit card is convenient but there are times when you should pass on pulling out the plastic. Don’t use a credit card when purchasing something on a public computer, when making a charity donation on the street or if the card leaves your view to complete the purchase. And don’t use a credit card to buy something you can’t afford. Source Link

May 1, 2023

Who knew we were using antiperspirant and deodorant the wrong way? The ingredient in antiperspirant that keeps you dry by blocking sweat glands takes time to work so apply it in the evening before bed for maximum effectiveness the next day. And deodorant works best when applied to dry skin, so towel off from the shower before you use it. Source Link

If you need another reason to sit less, a study found that it could dampen your mood and mental health. The good news is that it’s easy to find ways to get up and get moving. Walking around your office for five minutes or getting off the couch to move during commercial breaks while watching TV are two simple ways to be less sedentary. Source Link

Protecting against online credit card fraud means taking a hard look at those bargain offers for name-brand goods. Shopping on less familiar, less secure websites may be an invitation to cyber-thieves. Using a virtual card option or an online wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay adds another layer of protection for your credit card number. Source Link

April 28, 2023

There are plenty of reasons why giving kids an allowance is a good thing. It teaches them how money comes with responsibilities to save and be charitable and it helps them distinguish between needs and wants with what they can afford. And successfully managing money from an allowance can build a child’s self-confidence. Source Link

Unclogging a toilet without a plunger requires two simple tools – dish soap and a big bucket of hot water. Squirt a good amount of dish soap into the hot water and pour that into the toilet at a steady pace. Don’t stir up the water and be patient because the technique may not eliminate the clog instantly. Source Link 

What’s the right way to pet a dog you don’t know? Remember that dogs depend on smell so offer your curled hand for a sniff before you touch them to avoid any bitten fingers. If the dog seems comfortable, try a friendly scratch under the chin, but avoid patting his head or touching a strange dog’s belly, even if they roll over. Source Link