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October 20, 2023

You don’t need to have a little one at home to put baby wipes to good use. They’re great for cleaning computer keyboards, removing makeup and wiping away excess nail polish, cleaning switch plates, removing latex paint from your hands, and cleaning stains from clothing and carpet.. A baby wipe can even sub for a Swiffer sheet the next time you sweep. Source Link

Could people who suffer with anxiety and depression get a boost by being kind to others? Those who started adding small acts of kindness into their day showed an improvement in symptoms and better feelings of social connection. Being kind to others may help people with mental health symptoms stop being preoccupied with suffering. Source Link

When you’re aiming to reorganize and reduce the stuff in your home, don’t purchase these things before you purge. Baskets, bins and dividers are great for organization but don’t buy new ones until after you’ve sorted. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself filling those new containers with things that should be going. Source Link

October 19, 2023

Making meals that are affordable and healthy requires some planning that includes checking the calendar. Incorporate fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables that often cost less. You can even stock-up on these and freeze them for use later. And always plan your meals using a shopping list to avoid impulse buying at the grocery store. Source Link

Staying on top of your credit is easier than ever with a permanent change to the rules about getting a free credit report. All three national credit reporting agencies are allowing you to receive a new report every week. The offer of free weekly reports began as an emergency measure during the pandemic. Source Link

Cold season is coming soon but don’t be quick to give a young child some medicine for that coughing and sneezing. Experts say over-the-counter cough and cold remedies should not be given to children younger than 6 because there’s no evidence they help and store-bought medicines carry potentially dangerous side-effects for kids. Source Link 

October 18, 2023

Time and temperature are two factors that can help you save on energy costs on laundry day. Always choose a cold water setting for washing because today’s detergents are made to work best in cold water. And set your dryer temperature lower and run it longer to use less energy and still get your clothes dry. Source Link

Flying with babies is challenging enough but there are ways to make the flight easier when it comes to choosing seats. If you’re flying with an infant, look for a seat in the first row of the coach section. These bulkhead seats may accommodate a bassinet provided by the airline for free that attaches to the bulkhead wall. Source Link

If eating out is showing up on your waistline there are ways to beat that bulge. Choose a restaurant with healthier fare, like Asian cuisine or Greek or Spanish that feature fish, grilled lean meat and vegetables. Look for online menus and know what you’ll have before you arrive. And instead of an entree try sharing several appetizers and have one dessert for all. Source Link 

October 17, 2023

When it comes to your teeth, the most effective brushing is not so fast, not so hard and not just on top. Plaque builds up at the gum line so focus your brushing there with smaller, gentle strokes. Don’t hold the toothbrush tightly in your fist – a fingertip grip will help you brush correctly – and be sure to brush for at least two minutes twice a day. Source Link

If you love to read e-books but hate the cost, you can head to your local library for free titles through your phone or tablet. Apps like Hoopla and Libby offer thousands of e-books that are free to borrow, just like a regular book. But just like books at the library, you may have to wait to borrow the most popular titles in e-book form. Source Link

Here are some tips for keeping your kid’s home-packed school lunch tasty until the Noon hour. Toasting bread in a sandwich can help prevent sogginess and stuffing the lunchbox with paper towels can absorb moisture from items like chicken nuggets. And you can wrap the top of a banana with tape and plastic wrap to stop it from ripening in a lunch box or bag. Source Link

October 16, 2023

To quickly unclog a toilet you need the right tool and a better technique. A flange plunger has a smaller opening that bells out to seal around the toilet drain. And instead of rapidly pumping gently push the flange plunger down to make a seal around the opening and then pull up on it. The backward pressure can loosen a clog faster. Source Link

It’s great on squeaks and bolts that won’t give, but this handyman’s staple also doubles as a painter’s pal. Use WD-40 to wipe away drips and spray some on a brush you ‘ve just cleaned to keep the bristles soft. And here’s a bonus tip – WD-40 is great at removing bugs from a car’s grille, and spraying some on that grille can keep bugs from sticking in the first place. Source Link

Instead of dinner and a movie, an art class or game night may bring the two of you even closer. Couples activities like painting or playing a board game can spark the release of oxytocin, the hormone associated with romantic bonding. Any activity with physical touch, social interaction, novelty and partner encouragement could work. Source Link 

October 12, 2023

When your mind races after you wake up in the middle of the night you can try these tips to get back to sleep. Get out of bed and read a book – but nothing too exciting – or listen to an audiobook or a podcast that’s not a shoutfest. You can also head to the kitchen for a light snack like whole-grain crackers or popcorn that has carbs to help switch-on the body’s sleep hormones. Source Link

Among the many ways you can avoid becoming a victim of fraud, two are simple and effective. Consider placing a freeze on your credit report with all three national agencies to prevent anyone else from using your name to borrow money. And don’t answer phone calls from numbers you don’t recognize to stop scammers from getting a virtual foot in the door. Source Link

When a phone upgrade is in your future, be ready to wipe away the past on your old device. First do a backup through iCloud or Google and then factory reset your device. If you paired your phone with a smart watch, remember to disconnect it and then unlink and sign out of services like iCloud or Google Drive on your old phone. Source Link