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October 30, 2023

Buying in bulk may seem like the answer to higher food prices but there are some things that aren’t a good deal. Meat, milk and produce are hard to store for long periods or can go bad fast. The same is true for whole-bean coffee. And buying snack foods in bulk may encourage you to eat more of them, erasing any savings and maybe adding to your waistline. Source Link

Unlike closing the barn door after the horse is gone, you can protect your smartphone after it comes up missing if you act fast. For an Android phone, log into your Google account in any browser, select the phone and click on “Secure Device.” You can do the same with an iPhone at iCloud.com. But don’t use the option to erase everything on your phone until you’re sure it’s gone for good. Source Link 

That Zoom meeting might be fine for most things at work, but it could turn off the creative juices. Researchers found that video conferencing locked your attention to a screen and prevented the mind from wandering around the room as it might in a real meeting. That tunnel vision makes it hard to expand your thinking and maybe come up with the next great idea. Source Link

October 27, 2023

It’s a popular Halloween prank and there’s a right way to clean up after a tree’s been toilet papered. If it’s dry, you can pull the paper down with a long pole or use a leaf blower to remove it from taller branches. And don’t delay, because if it gets wet, you’ll have to live with a TP’ed tree until all that paper dries. Source Link 

Your dishwasher needs some help getting things clean and the solution may be in the soft drink aisle at the grocery store. A monthly acid bath using unsweetened powdered lemon Kool-Aid can help remove lime scale, soap scum and other stains. Put one package in each detergent cup and run the empty dishwasher for a complete cycle. Source Link

Here’s a quick list of familiar food myths. All fat is not bad, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables can be just as nutritious as fresh, plant-based milks are not more healthy than cow’s milk, and eating soy-based foods will not increase the risk of breast cancer. And roasted, baked or air-fried white potatoes eaten with the skin on are a healthy, affordable food. Source Link

October 26, 2023

If you like to catch some Z’s on an airline flight, don’t close your eyes unless you’re up in the air. Sleeping through takeoff or landing doesn’t allow you to adjust to rapid air pressure changes. That could leave your ears blocked up and cause dizziness, eardrum damage, nosebleeds or even hearing loss. Source Link 

It doesn’t take that many more steps per day to help older adults with hypertension lower their blood pressure. Research showed that adding 3,000 steps to a typical 4,000 step-per-day routine can help protect against heart failure, heart attacks and strokes. The speed of walking doesn’t matter, as long as you walk a total of 7,000 steps per day. Source Link

You might be able to save a smartphone dropped in water with some fast steps. Turn off the phone immediately to avoid damage to electronics, wipe it dry with a towel and use a vacuum cleaner hose to suck water out of openings. Putting your phone in rice can lead to a sticky mess. Instead, be ready by purchasing a special drying bag that’s made for smartphones. Source Link

October 25, 2023

Halloween could be hazardous to your health if you’re not careful when carving that pumpkin. Thousands of people go to the ER each year with pumpkin carving injuries and a leading cause was using a knife that’s not made for thick pumpkin skin. Instead of carving, a safer alternative that kids can enjoy is to decorate a pumpkin by painting it. Source Link 

Can the order in which you eat the food in your meal make a difference for health? Researchers found that eating fiber-rich vegetables or lean proteins first, rather than bread or carbs may help to lower blood sugar levels. This may also help you eat less because it causes your body to secrete higher levels of the hormone that gives you the feeling of fullness. Source Link

Using over-the-counter CBD products should be on the list of supplements you share with your doctor. That’s because the active ingredient in CBD may interact with prescription medications. Antidepressants, sedatives and blood thinners are some of the drugs that could be adversely affected by CBD. Source Link

October 24, 2023

If you’ve always dreamed of a backyard free of flying pests using a bug zapper, it’s time to wake up to reality. Testing has shown that bug zappers almost always kill insects that don’t bite, including some that prey on mosquitoes. Even if a bug zapper does attract mosquitoes, they’re more likely to move their attention to the person sitting nearby. Source Link

That blue dish soap you keep in the kitchen can do a great job cleaning things all over your home. Add a teaspoon of dish soap to two cups of cold water to clean tile, cement and vinyl floors, degrease countertops or as a spot cleaner for fabric stains. When mixed with distilled water, blue dish soap makes a great glass cleaner and a few drops can be used to clean the toilet bowl. Source Link

You can build a home gym around the kinds of activities that you enjoy. If that’s walking or running, try a treadmill or elliptical trainer. A rowing machine is great if you like cross-country skiing. A thick, washable mat is a must for floor exercises and strength training can use a simple set of resistance bands, dumbbells and free weights or a multi-station home weight machine. Source Link

October 23, 2023

Smudges and dirt make it hard to see a phone or tablet screen but don’t make it worse by cleaning the wrong way. Power down and use a microfiber cloth that you can dampen with distilled water. Never use a tissue, paper towel or all-purpose or glass cleaner. Wipe lightly in a “Z” pattern and then use a fresh microfiber cloth to dry the screen. Source Link

You can support a long-distance loved one or friend who needs help with activities of daily living. Sign them up for a food delivery service, lawn care or house cleaning. Consider hiring a part-time caregiver or ask for help from nearby family members or friends. And stay in touch with video calling tools or digital photo frame to share your life with them. Source Link 

Snagging a better seat on your next airline flight at a lower price might take some patience. Experienced flyers suggest that you buy an economy ticket. Resist the airline’s follow-up offers and ask for an upgrade when you’re at the airport. If the plane has empty seats or you’re a loyalty program member you might get that upgrade to business class at no charge. Source Link