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March 14, 2024

When you’ve got a gripe with a utility, a retailer or a brand, social media could be the fast lane to better customer service. Hashtag the company’s name and state your complaint in detail but without personal information and include photos if possible. And after regular business hours might be the best time to get some attention online. Source Link

Here’s a good reason to take a work break for a nature walk. Researchers found that walking in natural surroundings improved brain function for a person’s working memory, decision-making, problem solving and planning. A stroll in a city setting didn’t help in that way, so look for nearby green spaces for a brain-boosting walk. Source Link

Falls are a leading cause of injury in the home and you can avoid this by looking, lighting and laddering. Watch your feet when walking and don’t multitask while using the stairs. Install nightlights or illuminated wall plates to see better when you’re walking in the dark and use a ladder or step stool for reaching things on high, but never stand on the top step or rung. Source Link

March 13, 2024

You might see your child boost those grades if they join the band. Studying music improves the brain’s sensitivity and helps a child learn how to learn. Ideally, music instruction should begin by middle school but even those who waited until their teen years to take up an instrument became better at handling advanced studies like high-level math. Source Link

Keeping bones stronger as you age may mean hitting the pavement harder. In a study, older adults who got more high-impact physical activity each day had less decline in bone mineral density. You can do this with running, brisk walking, climbing stairs or even an exercise like raising up on your tiptoes and then dropping down onto your heels. Source Link

Hit the “cancel” button on streaming services you don’t use to cut those monthly subscription costs. Drop the sports add-ons when your team’s season is over and take a hard look at what you watch or don’t watch regularly. Drop services that aren’t part of your viewing on a weekly basis and re-subscribe later to see a new show. Source Link

March 12, 2024

When you “Take 10” to get your body busy or to slow down you may improve your memory. Research has shown that just 10 minutes of light exercise can boost your brain’s ability to store memories. And people who sat quietly for 10 minutes after getting new information were more likely to remember it later. Source Link

A “fake” credit card number could be a tool to avoid a real online hack where you foot the bill. Many banks and credit card companies offer virtual cards that use a different number but link to your account. You can use a virtual card to make purchases online and if the number is stolen, you simply deactivate it. Source Link

It’s time to forget the old advice to, “feed a cold and starve a fever,” because treating both requires adequate nutrition. Fever is the body’s natural defense to fight infection and all immune responses like this require the energy you get from eating. Comfort foods like chicken noodle soup can provide nutrition and keep you hydrated. Source Link

March 11, 2024

You can help your brain build up reserves now to avoid memory and thinking problems later in life. Never stop being curious and always be learning something new, like playing a musical instrument, learning a new language or starting a hobby. Go on daily walks to make exercise a good habit and stay active with others and socialize by keeping in touch with family and friends. Source Link 

These things may not be on your packing list for that next trip, but they should be. Bring a reusable water bottle and consider one that’s collapsible for easy storage. Grab a handful of dryer sheets to deodorize a suitcase filled with funky smells from dirty clothes and pack a few plastic grocery bags to store dirty laundry, shoes, or wet swimsuits. Source Link

We’ve all been in meetings where you have to introduce yourself, and here’s an easy three-step way to do it. Start with a present-tense statement about yourself, maybe with your name and occupation. Then touch on the past with a few points about your background. And finish with the future and say what you hope to offer and get from the meeting. Source Link

March 8, 2024

The three parts of a typical auto insurance policy each do different things. Liability covers the cost of damage or injury to others in an accident while you’re at-fault, while collision coverage pays to have your car repaired after an accident. Comprehensive coverage can pay for damage to your car in non-accident settings, such as a hailstorm, flood or fire. Source Link

Here’s a colorful way to keep track of things that might come up missing, like a set of keys, a phone or a TV remote. Pick a really bright color and use a key ring and phone case in that color to make your items stand out. And put a similar bright-colored piece of tape on the TV remote so it’s easier to spot. Source Link

A few office supply products can help you organize a freezer that’s packed with food. With wire shelving, attach a binder clip so it hangs down and can hold bags of frozen food. And vertical file holders set along the back wall of a freezer can hold frozen fruit, veggies or meat for easy organization. Source Link 

March 7, 2024

There’s hope if you have a “black thumb” and are always killing houseplants. Start simple and avoid those that flower and know what’s too much or too little water for your plant. Check instructions to see if it needs direct or indirect sun and don’t be quick to toss that sick plant if all it needs is some extra care. Source Link

Before you exercise, just say “no” to some common fitness myths. Instead of stretching, do warm-ups first to get the blood flowing. More reps with a lighter weight can be just as effective as a heavier lift to build muscle, and skip that ice bath after every workout because it could counteract the body’s natural process of repairing muscle. Source Link

Is it smart to turn clothes inside-out before washing? Some say it protects the fabric outside to make it last longer and gets to body odors on the inside. The downside is that it’s less effective on external dirt and grime and may damage delicates. You can save a step using this method by turning your clothes inside-out as you take them off. Source Link