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March 22, 2024

The fantasy world of social media can take a toll on body image, and here are some ways to stop the cycle. Identify the posts that make you feel bad and stop following them. Pick one day a week to take a break from devices and social media in order to reset yourself, and turn off notifications and set daily limits on the time you’ll spend on social media. Source Link

Full-time caregivers need to take care of themselves to give the best to their loved one. Besides getting enough rest, exercise and healthy eating, refresh your mind with yoga, meditation or deep breathing. Be adaptable and positive, deal with what you can control and set realistic goals. And share your feelings by talking about your stress to help relieve it. Source Link

The journey to a clutter-free home can start with one spot at a time. Pick a place, like a bathroom vanity, kitchen counter or dining room table and commit to keeping it tidy and clear. This can calm your brain and train you to put things where they belong right away rather than dropping it in your clutter-free zone. Source Link

March 21, 2024

If those venti vanilla lattes are starting to show up on your hips there’s a simple first step to kicking the flavored coffee habit. Try ordering your coffee drink unsweetened and add your own sugar to see just how much you’re using. Lots of sugar in morning drinks can increase food cravings and lead to poor eating all day long. Source Link 

Smart items in your home need extra steps to ensure that they don’t invade your privacy. Select a unique password and use an option for two-step verification, and know how to turn off cameras and microphones on devices. Enable auto-delete of your commands for a voice assistant and check smart phone apps for the latest updates. Source Link

There are a number of simple ways you can fight a fever at home. Try lukewarm baths, stick to a single layer of light clothing and resist the urge to crawl under a heavy blanket when you have fever chills. And drink more fluids like water, juice, broth or decaffeinated tea with honey. Source Link

March 20, 2024

Being bored can boost your creativity and brain power but only if you do it the right way. Don’t confuse relaxation with boredom, which can happen when you’re doing a familiar activity that requires no thinking or you’re just sitting quietly. The key to reaching boredom is letting your mind wander without stimulation from anything like music or a screen. Source Link

It’s time to wake up and debunk some sleep myths. It matters what time of day you sleep because your body is built for rest when the sun is down. Being able to fall asleep almost instantly isn’t great and could be a sign of sleep deprivation. And your body needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, so don’t make a habit of getting significantly less. Source Link

There are many ways to save money when you’re on vacation. Don’t eat out for every meal. Pick up groceries for a few days. Don’t buy overpriced treats at theme parks or tourist attractions. Instead, eat a big breakfast and drink water. Don’t bring home silly souvenirs that will become clutter, and don’t buy expensive plane tickets if you can drive to the location in less than a day. Source Link

March 19, 2024

Your mom was right – it’s better to sit up straight, especially when in class. A study found that students who didn’t slouch in their seats scored better on math tests. Researchers say the slumped-over position is a defensive posture, triggering negative memories in the brain and body that can lead to poor performance. Source Link

This kind of audit could save you money. A professional energy audit of your home looks at doors, windows, insulation and more to determine where you can seal leaks and stop wasting those heating and cooling dollars. And Uncle Sam is offering federal tax credits that could mean thousands of dollars back when you complete energy-efficient improvements. Source Link

Adding more vegetables to your diet isn’t as hard as it seems. Blend cauliflower or spinach into a smoothie or bake egg muffins with vegetables for an easy grab-and-go breakfast. You can even spiralize vegetables like zucchini, sweet potatoes or beets to mix with your favorite pasta sauce for a tasty meal. Source Link

March 18, 2024

A few simple steps can help to keep hackers out of your phone. Use two-factor authentication on your Google account or for your iPhone. You can sign out of unknown devices that are connected to your Google or iCloud account. And strengthen passwords by adding symbols like an exclamation point or pound sign for added protection. Source Link

Making small talk at a party can be hard for an introvert, but you can get the ball rolling by being observant. Look for conversations where the circle of people is more open and they’re smiling or laughing. Talk with others who are hanging back and consider how long it’s comfortable for you to mingle. You may only have the energy for an hour of socializing. Source Link

If you didn’t sleep well last night, here’s how you can avoid problems the morning after. Don’t sleep in too late because that can mess with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle and get 15 to 30 minutes of sunlight to boost hormones that help you feel alert. And consider going to bed a bit earlier tonight to help your body catch up on some of that lost sleep. Source Link

March 15, 2024

When baby proofing a home, don’t forget all those doors. Use a handle lever lock or door knob safety cover, or add a child safety door lock that’s installed high and out of their reach. Besides the obvious places like a bathroom, remember to baby proof any door that leads to a room with low window ledges that could pose a fall hazard. Source Link

The same personal care tool that gives you smoother skin can tackle a pet lover’s nightmare in the car. Rubbing a pumice stone along car seats and carpeting will remove pet hair quickly. And don’t worry about needing to clean the stone because it rolls hair into a ball that can be picked up easily. Source Link

With prices what they are today, you can save money simply by not overspending on these items. Try private-label brand pantry staples or cleaning supplies, generic brands of makeup or cookware that’s sturdy but without the name-brand price tag. And see if using a TV antenna can get you the local stations that cost plenty in a cable bundle. Source Link