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Writing On Hold Marketing: Creativity, Humor and Focus

By Scott Greggory

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Do you write the content for your company’s On Hold Marketing?

Or maybe you’re searching for an On Hold Marketing provider and weighing your options, considering the unique value of each.

Either way, I’d like to invite you to spend 20 minutes with the video on the right. It’s the audio portion of a webinar I presented to members of OHMA, the On Hold Messaging Association.

I spoke to the group about developing creative and humorous content for the on hold channel. As of the date of this post, we’re the only agency that’s been asked to present on a creative topic to this forum.

Listen to the entire webinar or use the index to access specific topics.

0:00 – Why On Hold Marketing matters

1:34 – Using the MARCE Awards as a guide

5:07 – Why is writing creative content important?

6:45 – A lesson in humor disguised as an email exchange

9:03 – Nuts and bolts: Breaking down a few examples of humor

12:56 – How can you be more creative?

16:59 – The importance of consistency

18:54 – Questions and opportunities for writers