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The Value of Audio Logos

By Scott Greggory

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You may not know the term “audio logo,” but I’ll bet you know an audio logo when you hear one. And so does everyone else.

(Watch the video to listen to samples. Can you name the brands they represent?)

Those few seconds of music, voice or effects that accompany, support or even stand in for a brand name can be an important element of a company’s marketing. Along with a visual logo, a slogan and a distinct color, an audio logo serves as an identifier that reinforces brand personality and strengthens recall.

Veritonic is a company that measures and quantifies the effectiveness of audio logos. In May of 2020, they released their fourth annual Audio Logo Index. It’s an analysis of 56 of the best-known audio logos in the U.S. and U.K.

A Few Takeaways

• Audio logos that incorporate the brand’s name are five times more effective at generating brand recall.

• In the U.S., audio logos with a melody outperform those without a melody. In fact, 75% of the top 20 audio logos feature a melody. The Veritonic index defines a melodic audio logo as one that can be sung, as opposed to a tone, a sound effect or spoken words, such as Little Caesers’ “Pizza Pizza.”

• For brands that don’t use their name in their visual logo (Ex: Starbucks and MasterCard), audio logos can effectively reinforce that name.

• As is typically the case with any brand element or message, high frequency and cross-channel use of an audio logo build its familiarity and recall.

Our Creative team includes strategists, musicians, writers and recording engineers who can develop your audio logo. We’ll lead a discovery session to define your goals and identify your company’s unique traits that will flavor the final piece.

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