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Seth Godin Asks: What Are You Thinking?

By Scott Greggory

Torn Paper Bottom Edge

Seth Godin is one of the most popular and respected marketing bloggers on the planet. Here’s a dose of his common sense applied to the subject of your callers and the person who may be responsible for creating their first impression of your business.

“…When a homeowner decides to put his house on sale and calls a broker…When he calls the moving company…When a family arrives in town and calls someone recommended as the family doctor…When a wealthy couple calls their favorite fancy restaurant looking for a reservation…Go down the list. Stockbrokers, even hairdressers. And not just people who recently moved. When a new referral shows up, all that work and expense, and then the phone rings and it gets answered by your annoyed, overworked, burned out, never-very-good-at-it-anyway receptionist, it all falls apart. What is the doctor thinking when she allows her neither pleasant nor interested-in-new-patients receptionist to answer the phone?”

Given what’s at stake each time your phone rings, this is a question worth asking yourself: “Could our staff use a refresher course on telephone skills and etiquette?”

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