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Here’s the Reason You Need an Audio Logo

By Scott Greggory

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The average American’s attention span: 8 seconds.

That doesn’t leave a lot of time to make a memorable impression.

But you don’t always need a lot of time; maybe just 2 or 3 seconds.

Your marketing mission includes making your brand easy to recall, right? In a fast-paced, visually crowded world, the best way to do that may be with sound.

Not a song. Not a jingle. An audio logo.

One component of sonic branding, an audio logo is a quick, custom audible abbreviation that stands in for – or beside – your company name, and captures the essence of your brand, your energy or attitude.

When your audio logo is tied to the mention of your brand name, then repeated at every opportunity (on air, online, on-site, on the phone), the two can become inseparable.

Soon, your audio logo will be reinforcing your brand’s value each time your audience hears it – all within a few seconds. In the case of Intel, the five-note audio logo is arguably more powerful than the brand name. (Hear it and others here.)

Before we create your audio logo, we’ll ask you a lot of questions. We’ll take your answers back to our team, mix in their input and creativity, boil it all down, and produce an audible “mark” that states your case.

Add a new element to your brand identity. Email Steve Evert or call him at +1 419.724.7311 to get started on your audio logo.