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Closed for the Holidays? Let Your Callers Know

By Scott Greggory

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Here’s a reminder that’s especially appropriate for the holiday season: Don’t make your callers guess why your office or store is closed.

The Problem

A co-worker emailed this story to me on the Friday after Thanksgiving. “I called a company today and their office was closed, presumably for the holiday,” she wrote. “But their phone system sent me immediately to the receptionist’s voicemail, which made no mention of why they were closed, when they’d re-open, or when they might return my call.”

She added that “the voicemail message didn’t include the name of the company either, so I could have easily thought I had called the wrong number, and then tried to call again.”

Don’t frustrate your callers that way. Provide a great caller experience instead.


The Solution

If you’ll be closed for a holiday, scheduled downtime, inventory, or any other reason, make sure your call processing announcements / call center recordings give callers all the information they’ll need, including an alternate number they can call in the event of an emergency.

It’s certainly not the best option, but if your telephone system sends callers to an individual’s voicemail when your company is closed, please make sure that person updates the outgoing message as often as necessary to prevent caller confusion.

You may even want to use your website, social media or email to proactively inform customers when you’ll be closed.

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