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BusinessVoice Wins 2023 MARCE Judge's Choice Award

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The best marketing content differentiates its brand. It’s memorable, unique and draws the audience closer, instead of pushing them away.

That’s a good description of our Humor On Hold. And since we apply humor to the negative experience of holding, we provide the added benefit of elevating that encounter.

Countless callers and clients agree. Even our fellow marketing professionals acknowledge the impact of Humor On Hold. At the 2023 MARCE Awards ceremony in Annapolis, Maryland, we received the Judge’s Choice Award.

The judge wrote:

“That was hysterical! I’ve got tears in my eyes I was laughing so much. The voices were spot on. They were so serious about what they were saying, which made it even funnier. I called my family to play it for them over the phone!”

Imagine treating your callers to that type of surprise – while they’re on hold!

Contact us for more details on Humor On Hold and listen to the MARCE-Award-winning production.

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