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BusinessVoice Humor Wins Four 2022 MarCom Awards

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No one wants to wait on hold. Yet, each day, companies all across the country force their valuable callers into a void of on hold silence. Or they make their customers and prospects listen to the same 60-second loop of music, interrupted only by the redundant and pointless reminder that “your call is important to us.”

That’s no way to treat the people who keep you in business.

At BusinessVoice, we respect your callers’ time, providing information they can apply to make smarter buying decisions. In other words, we serve you by serving your callers.

One of the ways we elevate the caller experience is by creating custom Humor On Hold. Take a listen to these four examples, all winners of a 2022 MarCom Award.

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Gold
  • Most Entertaining