Whatever You Need

We design and deliver custom solutions. 

Do you have distinctive marketing needs at each of your locations? We’ll help you meet them by using On Hold Marketing and other tools to create a specific and unique caller experience for every one of your facilities.

Lots of Possibilities

In addition to crafting custom content for each of your locations, we can develop a master list program for you, writing and producing a library of messages in advance. Then, when it’s time for your updates, you choose the content you want for each location, or use the same content at all of your sites. If you’d prefer, we’ll mix in customized content for any or all of your branch locations. We can even personalize the content at each site by adding location-specific greetings prior to several messages.

More Options

Would you like your On Hold Marketing productions to feature two or more voices? Do you need foreign language copy or voice talent? Multiple music tracks? Sound effects? Humor? An original music track created just for your company? We can do it all.

With BusinessVoice, the possibilities are endless. Ready to go? Just call +1 800.473.9005 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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