Why Is Proactive Updating So Important?

You drive by signs and billboards every day, but how often do you read or react to them after seeing them the first or second time?

For the same reason, your On Hold Marketing content should be changed regularly. It needs to keep your most frequent callers engaged.

"Thanks for being proactive on this for us! I greatly appreciate your help." - Judy Schlagheck / Marketing Director / Arden Courts of Anderson

Proactive updating also ensures that callers are hearing your most current marketing and customer service messages. Keeping your marketing content consistent at every point of consumer contact reinforces your message and strengthens each impression.

The BusinessVoice Difference

Chances are you don’t spend a lot of time on hold when calling your own company. So, it may be easy to forget about your On Hold Marketing content.

We don’t forget!

Our processes ensure that you’ll be contacted each time you’re scheduled for an On Hold Marketing update. And when we reach out to you, we'll bring copy ideas and suggestions to the process. After you give your approval, we'll write your new content. 

Many On Hold Marketing companies offer to "help" or "assist" you with your copy. At BusinessVoice, we do the work, so you don't have to.

Proactive updating is engrained in our agency’s culture. It’s a differentiation in which we’ve always taken pride. And you will benefit from that pride.

BusinessVoice Video Tip
A BusinessVoice Video Tip

By now, callers know how to respond to your voicemail message. So, rather than giving them instructions on what to say after the beep, use your outgoing message to market your company and deliver extra value to your callers. Watch the short video on the left.