Valerie L

Valerie Likens

EVP of Fulfillment

A member of our team since 2009, Steve is our Executive Vice President of Operations and Director of BusinessVoice, our Caller Experience Marketing agency.

He excels at breaking down complex problems into their individual components, then working to develop solutions. He also promotes “doing what you say you’re going to do and taking pains to maintain crystal clear communication.”

“The processing working with your team has been absolutely seamless. I’m looking forward to all of our offices being on the same phone system soon so we can launch this at every location.

Thank you for the great work!”

Nichole T. Wichman / State Bank

“Thank you for the voicemails this week in follow-up to my urgent request to update our on hold message due to our mask policy change. I did test it this morning and the new message is running and sounds great!

A big thank you to you and your team for getting this produced and uploaded so quickly!

Thanks so much!”

Crystal K. Clark / Chief Operating Officer for Blanchard Valley Medical Associates, Inc.