Caller Journey

You control what happens with each incoming call and, to a large extent, how each customer and prospect feels during and after their call.

By designing an efficient call flow, along with providing a valuable holding experience, callback options and CSRs who deliver friendly, knowledgeable service, you’ll create an enjoyable caller experience journey that encourages repeat calls.

A few factors to consider:

  1. What are all the requests a caller might make of your team? Are you prepared to respond to those requests?
  2. What are all the problems or pains a caller could express about your product or service? Does your On Hold Marketing content offer solutions to the most common caller concerns? Will your CSRs have great responses?
  3. Are your call center agents using scripts to ensure that they’re following your best practices?
  4. Do your call center agents have easy access to all the training, information and other tools they need to serve callers as effectively as possible?

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