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September 2022 On Hold Marketing of the Month

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Downey PHCE

September 2022

Founder Shaun Downey has grown his company from a one-man show to a multi-truck operation with nearly two dozen employees who provide a full range of services.

Why Humor On Hold?

The Downey team recognizes the unique value of our Humor On Hold. They want to entertain their callers and make their experience as enjoyable as possible. They even acknowledge that philosophy on their website where they feature a sample of the humor that we created for them. Our Downey contact has expressed her positive feedback, too, sharing comments such as, “The script is awesome” and “It’s great! You exceeded our expectations.”

The Writers’ Thoughts

“The Downey folks are a laid-back, fun-loving group,” said Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans, “and we do our best to showcase that culture in their On Hold Marketing content.”

“It’s always great when we can turn the negative of holding into a fun, positive encounter,” said Chief Creative Officer Scott Greggory. “Humor On Hold is a differentiator. It takes people by surprise and makes a memorable impression.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Cassandra Evans & Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Amy Scott & Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Josh Jump

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