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November 2022 On Hold Marketing of the Month

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November 2022

When they first opened for business in 1954, brothers Dan and Dick Jamieson sold records, tapes, TV tubes, diamond needles and hi-fi sets.

Today, this family-run company offers 8-K TVs, high-definition audio, smart home systems and everything you’ll need for a home theater, all from their Toledo, Ohio store.

The Writer’s Take

Senior Creative Consultant Bob Seybold has been working with Jamiesons ever since they came on board with us. He said, “In an industry where products have become commodities sold for increasingly lower margins, Jamiesons offers unique value – it’s a level of personal service and deep product knowledge that helps their customers get the most from their home entertainment experience.”

As you listen to the audio above, you’ll notice that Bob emphasized the word “play” in his copy. “Playing is the opposite of working,” he said. “It’s what most of us want to do when we’re home with our families or friends. So, the statement ‘Let Jamiesons help you play’ is a value proposition that everyone can understand.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Josh Jump

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