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May 2022 On Hold Marketing of the Month

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Woodview Care and Rehabilitation

May 2022

Woodview is part of the Embassy Healthcare network of facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

They make many types of activities available to enhance their residents’ physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. And the therapy team provides physical, occupational and speech therapy. Woodview’s experts have served seniors for decades. (By the way, the BusinessVoice team has worked with senior care facilities for decades. It’s one of our primary vertical markets.)


The Writer’s Thoughts

“When communicating with an audience that’s calling about senior care, it’s especially important to build trust,” said Senior Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans. “We do that first by trying to put ourselves in the callers’ shoes. What do they need to hear? What’s important to them? What truths can we focus on to ease their minds?”

In this production, Cassandra tells the story of Bruce, a man who came to Woodview with limited mobility. After three months of working with the rehabilitation team, Bruce was getting around much easier. “Real-life success stories build trust, too. They help callers see how they or their family member can benefit from Woodview’s care.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Cassandra Evans
Voice Talent: Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Josh Jump

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