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June 2022 On Hold Marketing of the Month

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Reid Supply

June 2022

That’s the word from Senior Creative Consultant Bob Seybold who wrote the copy.

“Reid Supply has brief hold times, so we keep the messages short and use just three seconds of music in between each. Of the 12 messages, six were paid for by the distributors whose products are featured. They pay co-op dollars to Reid Supply for the opportunity to reach Reid’s audience,” said Bob.

New Client, Long-time Relationship

This is a newer client for us, but they came to us as the result of an existing relationship. When Karen Hale worked for another client of ours, she loved our service. So, when she joined the Reid Supply team, she reached out to us to implement an On Hold Marketing program for her new company.

About the Client

Reid Supply began as a small family-owned business in 1948. Back then, the company used a 16-page catalog to sell industrial parts and tools to machine shops in the Midwest.

Today, Reid provides more than 40,000 industrial components to manufacturers throughout North America, including those in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, food processing, medical and transportation industries.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Bob Seybold
Recording Engineer: Josh Jump

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