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October 2023 On Hold Marketing of the Month

Torn Paper Bottom Edge

Grogan's Towne Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

October 2023

A Long Relationship

We’ve been serving Grogan’s Towne callers since 1996. That’s a lot of model years! A lot of On Hold Marketing productions, too.

These days, we’re taking a humorous approach with the copy. Creative Consultant Daniel DiManna says the content development process required some give and take. “I tried some edgier humor at first, but my contact thought it was a bit too far off brand.” So, Daniel went back to the drawing board. “The client liked the second pass. She even said that she appreciated how I adapted the humor based on her feedback.”

Daniel added that “she’s really come to trust me with this style of copy.” And it’s that type of trust that’s been at the heart of this professional relationship for several decades.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Daniel DiManna
Voice: Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Josh Jump

  • Grogan's Towne