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June 2023 On Hold Marketing of the Month

Torn Paper Bottom Edge

Gold Rush Express

June 2023

What Is This?

Well, yes, the audio to the right is an On Hold Marketing production, but it’s meant to sound like a radio show originating from the Gold Rush building.

We’ve played around with radio formats before and each time we’ve taken a different direction. Once we created a funny radio call of a baseball game. Another time we parodied a top 40 disc jockey who’d play odd, short songs and weird commercials.

“This time, we went for a morning show feel,” said Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans. “The Gold Rush team likes us to take a more creative approach and I thought this would be a fun way to go.”

The Client’s Feedback

Rachelle Dicker is the General Manager of Gold Rush Express. She’s shared many nice comments over the years: “The customers love the messages! We have had great feedback. I just had a customer call who I hadn’t heard from in a few years. He was on hold for a few minutes and when I picked up, he was so excited. He said he remembered how great our on hold messages are. He used to put us on speaker when he was on hold so the whole office could get a laugh.”

Rachelle added, “When we pick up the phone they are laughing and in the best mood. They say the messages are hilarious. That was my whole plan – to make being on hold enjoyable.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Cassandra Evans
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory & Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Josh Jump

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