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December 2022 On Hold Marketing of the Month

Torn Paper Bottom Edge

Owens Community College

December 2022

Owens students can also pursue professional development or earn credits toward a four-year college or university degree, sometimes while still in high school. The average class size of just 14 students allows for plenty of personal attention, too.

Owens offers a complete college experience with an active campus life, student activities, clubs and organizations, Express athletics and volunteer opportunities.

The Writer’s Notes

Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans has been writing the Owens On Hold Marketing copy since late 2019. “Lately, I’ve been on a mission to humanize their scripts,” she said. “So, while we’re still raising awareness about available courses, we also include helpful reminders and promote various programs.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Cassandra Evans
Voice Talent: Amy Jeffries
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias

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