Don’t Forget Marketing

Your company’s phone system is a powerful marketing tool. So, if you’re evaluating VOIP systems, we encourage you to include your marketing team in the process.

While most VOIP systems allow you to have On Hold Marketing, many do not play the audio file in a continuous loop. That drastically reduces the number and variety of messages your callers will hear, which means you won’t be able to promote as many products, services or events on hold.

"As you know, we have just renewed our agreement with BusinessVoice for another three years, and I wanted you to know that we feel we're getting a great bang for our buck. Your customized copy not only allows us to provide information about our services, but also promotes local organizations and events. We appreciate your unique service. Keep up the good work." - Joe Colturi / Port Lawrence Title

When your On Hold Marketing starts playing with the first message for each caller, your frequent callers - perhaps some of your best customers - can easily tire of hearing the same content each time they’re placed on hold.

Another drawback: When one central VOIP system serves your many locations, you lose flexibility; the same content plays on hold at each location. But what if you don’t offer the same products or services at all locations? What if you’d like to promote regional sales, or build stronger ties to local customers by addressing their unique needs?

One option is to keep your individual On Hold Messaging systems installed at each of your locations. That maximizes your marketing potential by allowing you to target specific audiences.

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