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April 12, 2024

Gardening can benefit your body in three ways. Growing some of your own food gives you fresh and healthy alternatives to processed food and maintaining a garden can be good exercise. And gardening has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety, especially when you’re working with others in a community garden. Source Link

You can battle spring allergies with some unique weapons. The herb butterbur is a natural antihistamine. Green tea can reduce sneezing and itchy eyes, and spicy food can help clear nasal congestion. Or add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a bowl of steaming water to breathe in a natural remedy for allergies caused by inflammation. Source Link

Anxiety can hit right when you’re ready for bed, and you can keep those worrying thoughts from ruining a good night’s sleep. Cut off caffeine consumption at least five hours before bed and try getting rid of your worries by putting them down on paper with journaling. And give yourself something to look forward to in the morning, like a nice breakfast, a walk or a favorite podcast. Source Link

April 11, 2024

You don’t need a closetful of them, but your feet will thank you if you don’t wear the same shoes every day. That can cause fatigue and pain because you’re always using the same areas of the foot for support and walking. Have a few pairs of comfortable shoes and rotate them throughout the week. Source Link

You can be a more-savvy spender by avoiding lures like major online shopping sites, daily deal and coupon websites, and subscription services. Shop intentionally for items you need, comparing prices across different platforms. And focus on coupons and deals for products you plan to buy rather than letting discounts dictate your spending habits. Source Link

Let’s add prolonged sitting at work to the list of things that may increase your risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Researchers say the solution is 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per day that you can break up in 10-minute sessions. Taking frequent breaks from sitting throughout the workday can also help. Source Link

April 10, 2024

For the best use of antibiotics, ask about what type is being prescribed. Some that attack a broad spectrum of disease-causing bacteria may not be necessary and could lead to drug resistance. And be sure testing has shown that an antibiotic is needed before it’s prescribed. Source Link

Some small steps could make upping your daily fiber intake easier. Start by leaving the skin on fruits and vegetables that you eat, choose fiber-rich pasta alternatives, skip juices and make smoothies instead, or try air-popped popcorn as a snack. And aim to eat at least one vegetable in every meal. Source Link 

One way to combat inflation is to shop at a warehouse store and some of those great buys don’t need a shopping cart. Prescription drugs, eye care, hearing aids, gasoline and even gift cards can have big discounts at warehouse stores that also have in-house travel agents to arrange discounted vacations including, airfare, hotels, car rentals and cruises. Source Link

April 9, 2024

Keep these “do’s” and “don’ts” in mind when updating your resume. Don’t list every job you’ve held unless it relates to the position you want and do not use cliché phrases like “hardworking” or “detail-oriented.” But do explain any gaps in your work history that might be a red flag for would-be employers. Source Link

Sitting could be a way to reduce high blood pressure, but your butt won’t touch a chair or the floor. With a wall sit you lean your back against a wall and lower until you’re in a sitting position. Holding a wall sit for two minutes in four reps with a two-minute break between each three times a week could lead to a meaningful reduction in blood pressure. Source Link

Tending a garden can help young kids develop healthy attitudes about food that will influence their health years later. Researchers found that kids who participated in a gardening and food education program during elementary school were more likely to eat healthier as they grew up. The test program started with three-year-old’s and continued through fifth grade. Source Link

April 8, 2024

You may believe in the old adage, “No pain, no gain” but when is that pain after exercise an injury? Look out for swelling or stiffness around a joint after a workout, especially if it slows you down when walking. And notice how quickly the discomfort starts because soreness can take a day or so to appear but you’ll feel an injury right away. Source Link

Some Airbnb hosts are using hidden cameras to keep an undercover eye on guests and there are ways to spot them. Turn off the lights in a room and use your phone’s flashlight to slowly scan and look for reflections from a tiny camera lens. Examine out-of-place objects that could have a hidden camera and unplug or cover up anything that might be suspicious. Source Link

You need a late-night snack that won’t keep you up until the break of dawn. Look for foods that give you the most nutritional bang for your buck and won’t upset your stomach, such as walnuts, bananas, Greek yogurt, or a rice cake with peanut butter. Dark chocolate-covered nuts are another choice, but go easy on them because the caffeine in chocolate can be a real eye opener. Source Link

April 5, 2024

Before you start running for exercise, remember these steps to get off on the right foot. Begin with a good pair of name brand shoes that are fitted for you at a sports shoe store. Learn how to do a dynamic warmup with air squats, lunges and jumping jacks to prepare leg muscles for running. And start off by walking a block, jogging a block and then running a block. Source Link

Here are some smart hacks that make it easier and cheaper to fill your home with WiFi. Don’t hide the router in a cabinet – get it up high in a central part of your home. To save money, consider buying your own modem instead of renting one from your internet provider. And start with a more-affordable lower-speed service that might work fine for you. Source Link

Cleaning a cast-iron skillet the right way involves some special techniques and cleaning tools to preserve the seasoning. Add some warm water a few minutes after removing it from the heat and scrape with a wooden spoon or soft-bristle brush. For stubborn, stuck-on foods, sprinkle some kosher salt in the pan without water and then scrape. Source Link