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June 1, 2023

Can you improve comprehension by taking 10 after a lesson? Researchers found that people who rested quietly for 10 minutes after learning something improved their ability to remember fine details. Sleep relaxes the synapses in your brain to improve the neuroplasticity that’s necessary to build memory. Source Link

The unreality of social media can take a toll on body image, and here are some ways to stop the cycle. Identify the posts that make you feel bad and stop following them. Pick one day a week to take a break from devices and social media in order to reset yourself, and turn off notifications and set daily limits on the time you’ll spend on social media. Source Link

The same personal care tool that gives you smoother skin can tackle a pet lover’s nightmare in the car. Rubbing a pumice stone along car seats and carpeting will remove pet hair quickly. And don’t worry about needing to clean the stone because it rolls hair into a ball that can be picked up easily. Source Link

May 31, 2023

You wash your dishes by hand and it’s time for your tools to come clean. A damp sponge is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria so clean it regularly in a solution of bleach and water or put a wet sponge in the microwave to disinfect it. Better yet, try a plastic or silicone scrub brush that can dry out after every use. Source Link

How can you keep a social media life from interfering with your work world? Use automation tools to write posts on your own time and schedule them for later publication. Have separate personal accounts that make it clear you’re not speaking for the company and remember that any post can be set for friends-only viewing. Source Link

Anxiety can hit right when you’re ready for bed, and you can keep those worrying thoughts from ruining a good night’s sleep. Cut off caffeine consumption at least five hours before bed and try getting rid of your worries by putting them down on paper with journaling. And give yourself something to look forward to in the morning, like a nice breakfast, a walk or a favorite podcast. Source Link

May 30, 2023

What’s the best way to wash fruits and vegetables? Smooth-skinned produce like apples or pears can be rinsed with water and dried with a clean towel when you bring them home, but other items should be washed just before eating to prevent bacteria growth. And submerging leafy vegetables in water might increase the risk of contamination. Source Link 

A few office supply products can help you organize a freezer that’s packed with food. With wire shelving, attach a binder clip so it hangs down and can hold bags of frozen food. And vertical file holders set along the back wall of a freezer can hold frozen fruit, veggies or meat for easy organization. Source Link 

When baby proofing a home, don’t forget all those doors. Use a handle lever lock or door knob safety cover, or add a child safety door lock that’s installed high and out of their reach. Besides the obvious places like a bathroom, remember to baby proof any door that leads to a room with low window ledges that could pose a fall hazard. Source Link

May 26, 2023

Improving a credit score can help you save on loans, auto insurance, or even rent and you can boost that number for free. Use a secured credit card linked to a savings account for everyday purchases and pay off the balance each month. And some credit bureaus let you report on-time payments of bills for utilities, cell phones or streaming services. Source Link 

You don’t need a five-figure home improvement budget because many upgrades can be done for $100 or less. Replace knobs and handles on kitchen drawers and cabinets or add solar lights to outdoor walkways or porches. Limewashing a fireplace can revive it without painting and wall-mounting a TV with hidden cabling makes a room look more open and cleaner. Source Link

You can fight back against higher electric bills by pinpointing energy vampires in your home. Set-top boxes, amplifiers and other audio-visual equipment can be unplugged when not in use and do the same with a TV in a spare room that’s not used often. Install timers or motion detecting switches on room lighting and insulate a fish tank to cut down on heater use. Source Link

May 25, 2023

You can recycle those leftover online shipping boxes and donate items to dozens of charities. Fill the box with clothing or shoes to donate and go to to pick the charity and print a shipping label from FedEx, UPS or the US Postal Service. The service works with boxes from several dozen online sellers, including Amazon, Overstock and Newegg. Source Link

Here’s a colorful way to keep track of things that might come up missing, like a set of keys, a phone or a TV remote. Pick a really bright color and use a key ring and phone case in that color to make your items stand out. And put a similar bright-colored piece of tape on the TV remote so it’s easier to spot. Source Link 

Starting a garden can teach kids about where fruits and vegetables come from and make it easier to get more of them into their diet. You can grow in containers or create a garden in the yard and let children plant seeds and help with watering and weeding. After harvesting, use your fruits and vegetables in a meal, like lettuce or tomato on a hamburger or fresh-picked berries for a fruit smoothie. Source Link

May 24, 2023

Burning the midnight oil is really rough on you. Being a night owl can lead to higher blood pressure, make exercise more difficult, promote late-night eating that packs on the pounds and can increase your risk of diabetes. And night owls are more tired and less alert on their morning commute and that can lead to more accidents. Source Link 

The three parts of a typical auto insurance policy each do different things. Liability covers the cost of damage or injury to others in an accident while you’re at-fault, while collision coverage pays to have your car repaired after an accident. Comprehensive coverage can pay for damage to your car in non-accident settings, such as a hailstorm, flood or fire. Source Link

Scammers are taking advantage of the growth of smart TVs and streaming services to rip you off. If you turn on a smart TV or open an app and see an error message, don’t call a phone number or click on a web address. No subscription streaming service or device will ever ask you to pay an activation fee. Email a customer service rep and inform them of the error message. Source Link