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June 27, 2023

A spray-on sunscreen can be less messy and more convenient, but how can you tell if you’re using enough? Keep applying a sunscreen spray until your skin glistens and then smooth it in, even if it’s a “no rub” product. Don’t spray sunscreen near your face; spray it on your hands and rub them on your face, and still wear a hat to keep the sun off your head and neck. Source Link

Using social media safely is something you need to teach your kids starting early. Show them how to spot misinformation, bullying, and hate speech, and warn them not to compare themselves to others’ online personas. Explain the importance of keeping personal information private, but don’t paint social media as all bad because it can be a useful tool for self-expression. Source Link

A trip to the park with the kids can be healthy and fun for all. You can push a stroller or lay out a blanket for infants to practice tummy time, let toddlers and preschoolers climb, swing and run at the playground, or get into the game with older kids by riding bikes, kicking a soccer ball or throwing a Frisbee. Source Link

June 26, 2023

Fear of getting a shot is real for children but there are ways to ease those worries. The youngest kids can understand there’s some pain from a needle poke but it can help your body not get sick and older children can follow a deeper explanation of how vaccines work. But try not to talk too much about it before the shot and don’t let your anxieties show. Source Link

You can make a meal, go for carryout or eat at a restaurant, but you can also replay some of the greatest hits out of the fridge. A survey found that the average American’s weekly diet consisted of five home-cooked meals, three takeout meals, three restaurant visits and three leftover meals. But one out of four people said they never eat from yesterday’s menu. Source Link

More people are seeing pay raises, but how do you get one if you have to ask for it? Make a list of specific accomplishments, consider negotiating perks and benefits and find out how your salary compares to others in a similar job. And time your pitch to approach the boss right after you’ve done well on a project or taken on new responsibilities. Source Link 

June 23, 2023

There are probably some real germy hotspots in your home that rarely get cleaned. Like a toothbrush holder, the coffee maker water reservoir, inside a soft-sided lunch box, or the knobs or buttons on kitchen appliances. And pull out the garbage disposal rubber flange for a good cleaning because germs there can spray into the air every time you use it. Source Link

Selling things on Facebook or Craigslist might mean wading through a swamp full of scammers. They might insist on using PayPal or Venmo and then send you a fake payment confirmation to get the goods for free. Or they offer to pay with a check that’s over the amount and you keep the balance, and then the check bounces. The safe way to avoid a scam is to deliver items in-person with cash payment. Source Link 

You can save on grocery bills by making your perishable food last longer. Layer a refrigerator crisper bin with paper towels to absorb moisture that can make spinach or lettuce go bad. Wrapping cheese in parchment paper can fight mold and get that milk out of the door and into the back of the fridge to keep it fresh longer. Source Link

June 22, 2023

Here’s a safety tip you can “count” on every time you fly. Make note of the number of rows between you and the nearest exit. That way you can reach out and count the seats by touch as you pass them to make it to the exit in the dark, in smoke or even if the plane is under water. Source Link

These things found in most homes can cripple a WiFi connection. Keep the router away from microwave ovens or heavy-duty metal appliances, along with mirrors that have a thin coating of metal that can interfere with a WiFi signal. Baby monitors and cordless phones use frequencies that also clash with a router, and the water in a fish tank can play havoc when the router is nearby. Source Link

You can deal with stress on the job by changing your approach to work. Find things you can control and focus your energy there, like using a lunch break to re-energize. Be intentional with your time and try to plan more of what energizes you, make a manageable to-do list by breaking big tasks into several smaller ones and practice saying “no” to projects that don’t fit for you. Source Link

June 21, 2023

You can keep ticks off with clothing that has built-in insect repellent. Testing showed that insecticide-treated clothing stopped ticks from biting or caused them to fall off. You can treat your own clothes with a bug spray but clothing made with insect repellent can work for up to 70 washes. Source Link 

People who are always running late might try these tips to get back on-time. Use analog clocks to give you a visual cue of passing time and set multiple alarms for when to start preparation, as well as departure time and arrival time for an appointment. Figure out exactly how long it takes to get somewhere and then build in extra time, and plan what to do if you’re early to eliminate that excuse for leaving later. Source Link 

Hurricanes and other dangerous storms happen in summer, but don’t put your life at-risk after the skies have cleared and the power is out. Carbon monoxide from a gasoline-powered portable generator is a silent killer, so be sure to place it at least 20 feet away from the house and never use a generator on a porch or in a carport. And be sure home CO alarms are working properly. Source Link

June 20, 2023

Your laptop can be vital to work and play and there’s a right way to clean it. Use a microfiber cloth dampened with plain water to gently wipe down all surfaces but never spray any cleaner onto the laptop. Compressed air can blow dust and dirt from vents and gently shaking the laptop while holding it upside down will dislodge dirt and crumbs from between the keys. Source Link 

How can you improve the look of your home for just $20? Swap a regular light bulb for a smart model that lets you fine-tune the color and brightness, make over light switches, refresh cabinet hardware, or add self-stick paper to the top of an end table for a new look. You can even create giant wall art by stretching a colorful shower curtain across a simple wood frame. Source Link

These small steps might lead to a more-healthy life for you. Swinging arm circle exercises can help your shoulders and neck muscles and practice standing on one leg to improve your balance. Sit on the floor for 30 minutes a day for better hip joints, and get more steps by walking during a phone conversation. Source Link