Point of Entry Marketing


Build Customer Share & Boost Revenue

BusinessVoice helps you grow your organization by building customer share, increasing customer retention, and improving the customer experience. Our award-winning Point-Of-Entry Marketing services make invaluable marketing impressions on everyone who contacts your company, whether they do business with you on the phone, on-site, or online.

And unlike most, we possess the marketing, creative, and technical skills, as well as the client-focused principles needed to design, build, manage, and support innovative, comprehensive, and successful programs.

Our Point-Of-Entry Marketing Services

On Hold Messaging - We turn silent hold time into a valuable marketing tool. On Hold Messaging gives callers more incentive to buy from you by creating top-of-mind awareness of your products and services, supporting your brand identity, answering common questions, and shortening perceived hold times.

BusinessVoice News Network® - The BusinessVoice News Network delivers fresh headline news to your callers on hold. Each weekday, we download new content to your On Hold Messaging system, including major news and sports stories, plus information on health, wellness, entertainment and leisure. We can also customize a news network for your company or industry.

TeleGreeting - TeleGreeting is ideal for companies that want every caller to hear the same message immediately. The TeleGreeting system answers incoming calls before you hear the ring, delivers a quick, customized message, then allows the call to ring through.

TelArt® Telephone Skills & Etiquette Training - Every phone call is a chance to make a great impression and build customer loyalty. Both the 35-minute TelArt® CD and our instructor-led training focus on improving your staff's phone skills and manners in order to improve each caller's experience and your customer retention.

Automated Attendant Recordings - Whether your company uses automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), automated attendant, or voice mail systems, BusinessVoice can make a more positive impression on callers and create a consistent phone image by using the same voice for all your systems.

Music On Hold - Nothing tells callers you don't care about the customer experience faster than leaving them on hold in silence. A Music On Hold program from BusinessVoice shortens perceived hold times and lets your valuable callers know they haven't been disconnected.

Background and Foreground Music - When you have Background Music from BusinessVoice you'll feel like you own the world's largest CD collection. You'll have access to dozens of musical genres and tens of thousands of digital tunes. No DJs. No commercials. Just the music you, your employees, and your customers love - 24 hours a day.

LobbyVision - Take advantage of the time your customers, patients, or visitors spend in your lobby or waiting in line. LobbyVision combines visual content on flat-panel monitors (video, photography, computer animation, etc.) and optional audio to reduce perceived wait times, as well as inform, remind, entertain, and sell.

Aroma Marketing - Aroma is a powerful memory trigger. By aligning your brand with a signature scent, you can create a strong link between that scent and the positive experiences customers have with your company. Aroma Marketing can also be used to motivate the sale of specific items, from food and clothes to cars and medical services.     

Point-Of-Purchase / In-Store Audio Marketing - Create awareness of your products and services, influence shopper behavior, and increase revenue with Point-Of-Purchase Audio Marketing. These customized messages are played through your company's background music or paging system and can be used in conjunction with our Background Music service.

WebArt® Website Design and Development - A BusinessVoice company, WebArt specializes in creating effective, yet affordable web marketing solutions. From simple brochure sites to those that incorporate Internet-based communication tools, online business databases, multimedia presentations, and dynamic content management, WebArt delivers exactly what you need.

Website Marketing - Keeping your website highly ranked in search engines and relevant to your target audience is essential for long-term online success. We achieve this by continually expanding your presence across the Internet and updating your site content regularly.

WebVision - We can boost the energy and communication power of your website by adding video, animation, motion graphics, photography, and other visual elements, plus optional audio.

Web Audio Marketing - Your website can talk with WAM - Web Audio Marketing. WAM can be used to reinforce your site's visual content, highlight important information, or direct visitors to specific pages. Web Audio Marketing is especially attractive to visitors who retain information better when it's presented audibly.

BE-Mail® - The BE-Mail email marketing program keeps your company in front of customers and prospects. It's great for building brand awareness and trust, driving traffic to your website, and generating interest in your products and services. BE proactive! BE seen! And BE the company your customers think of when it's time to buy with BE-Mail.

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