Our Creative Process

"You always do such a great job. One less thing to worry about. I know you will come up with the right copy for our bank. Thanks." - Denise Martin / Old Fort Bank

Many On Hold Marketing providers take a factory approach to their creative: they focus on cranking it out. But that typically doesn’t make for the most effective copy, the best representation of your brand identity, or the most memorable impression on callers.

At BusinessVoice, our Creative Consultants understand that each contact with a caller on hold is a chance to make a new or deeper connection with a customer. So, we work to communicate the real value of what you deliver. And that requires more than browsing your website once or twice.

“Interesting dry humor. I liked it and have got to believe the client's return callers get a kick out of it.” - Andy Hedberg / MARCE Awards Judge

Our Creative Consultants meet with our Chief Creative Officer to discuss client strategies, work through specific copy concepts, and explore other opportunities to make valuable impressions. 

We pose questions and propose ideas.

We find new, engaging ways to tell your story.

"As always, your copy is outstanding." - Steve Davis / Marketing Director / Grand Home Furnishings

We put ourselves in your callers’ shoes and ask “Why are they calling? What do they care about? How can we make these moments on hold unique and valuable?”

And because proactive updating is one of our agency’s foundations, you can be assured that you’ll receive regular On Hold Marketing content updates. We know that fresh content is one of the keys to keeping your callers listening and focused on your most important marketing messages.