With the BusinessVoice News Network (BVNN), your callers on hold will hear news and lifestyle stories mixed in with your existing On Hold Marketing. We upload three new BVNN stories each weekday. And with the no-touch system we provide, your staff doesn't have to do a thing.

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What's this all about?

Does your company belong to a medium-to-large association or organization that prefers to purchase services from trusted partners?

If so, a BusinessVoice Affiliate Program may provide considerable value for your company and the other members of your group.

Who Can Participate?

Distributors, dealers, associations and companies from any industry can participate in a BusinessVoice affiliate program. We've developed successful programs for a variety of clients across industries as varied as healthcare, the automotive aftermarket, industrial distribution, and other sectors.

We’ll design a customized On Hold Marketing program for all your members and provide each participant with special pricing. Or you can opt to let each member choose their own plan.

Ask us how you might use co-op dollars to encourage participation in the program and spread specific marketing messages to a broader audience.

BusinessVoice Video Tip
A BusinessVoice Video Tip

Long hold times can be a major source of frustration for your callers. Take a look at a few of the real-world examples in the video on the left. You'll also find a few solutions to the problem, including caller-focused On Hold Marketing