The Experience Marketing Association (EMA)

Since 2001, BusinessVoice has been an active member of the Experience Marketing Association (EMA). EMA is a consortium of agencies providing audio, video, and sensory marketing services that organically evolved from the On Hold Messaging Association (OHMA). EMA promotes best-practice customer experience marketing standards, and ensures its members deliver excellence across the full spectrum of sound, sight and scent solutions.

Our CEO, Jerry Brown, served as both Chairman and Vice Chairman of the organization, and spent several years as the organization’s Marketing Chair. Our Director of Caller Experience Marketing, Steve Evert, has also served multiple terms on the Board of Directors.

EMA presents the MARCE Awards each year in recognition of marketing and creative excellence in On Hold Marketing. BusinessVoice has earned more MARCEs than any other Caller Experience Marketing provider.

BusinessVoice has implemented the OHMA/EMA Production User License. This license is issued to all BusinessVoice clients, providing assurance that music and other licensing costs are completely covered for all locations receiving service.